The New Sneaker Brand Introducing its Community into the World of NFT’s

The New Sneaker Brand Introducing its Community into the World of NFT’s

The world of NFTs, for many, is still a minefield of confusion and likely a new avenue the general public will choose not to explore or take an interest in until it becomes absolutely unavoidable. 

NFTs are a facet of the inevitable integration of virtual fashion with physical fashion and traditional ways of making and selling in the fashion industry. In this area, a new terminology is catching on to describe the merging of physical fashion with digital fashion: phygital goods, which look like new sneaker brand ER Soulier, including a free NFT with any pre-orders of the label’s sneakers via its Kickstarter.  

Why wait for your customer to come around to the idea of NFTs when you can assist them by onboarding them into what Web3 has to offer. Netflix offers a free 30-day trial of its services, Fashion E-commerce allow you to buy, try and return without any money leaving your pocket until you’re happy with your purchase, and now sneaker brands are giving you an NFT with your order. 

In a recent episode of The Business of Fashion Podcast, Ian Rogers, former Chief Digital Officer at LVMH, predicts that in the next year, any forward-thinking fashion brand will offer their customers a free NFT when they purchase a physical good and that this will be the gateway to get customers to spend their money exclusively on a digital good. 

Founder of ER Soulier, Eugène Riconneaus is an artist first, finding inspiration in skate culture and the ocean environment to create his unique artworks. Now, Riconneaus translates his interests into footwear design through his innovative brand ER Soulier. The French designer priorities research on developing new materials that use marine litter waste like fishnets, recycled rubber and seaweed to create the BETA_oA sneaker, which is available in a variety of colourways. 

Find out more about ER Soulier and support their Kickstarter here

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