A Comprehensive List of Every Fenty Business Venture

A Comprehensive List of Every Fenty Business Venture

It’s official– Fenty Hair is on its way!

Don’t expect new music from Rihanna anytime soon because the singer has her sights set on taking over the hair industry. It was reported yesterday that the new mum had filed a trademark for ‘Fenty Hair’, which could include wigs, shampoo, relaxers, and hair accessories like scrunchies and ribbons.

Since its creation, the FENTY empire has served us fashion, beauty, and skincare, so it follows that haircare was the next step.

In case you forgot, here’s every brand started under the FENTY name:


Launching Fenty in 2019, Rihanna became the first Black woman to run a luxury fashion house, and Fenty is only the second brand under LVMH to be started from scratch. The debut collection introduced silhouettes that we all know and love today, including the exaggerated shoulders and cinched waist combo that was a staple of the singer’s own wardrobe.

Having cemented her status as a fashion icon through collaborations with Dior, and her unforgettable street style moments, starting a fashion brand was a given for Rihanna and evidence of her star power outside of music. The brand, which initially started as a pop-up store in Paris, launched online selling clothing, accessories, and footwear; and was a perfect marriage between the accessible and the inaccessible, merging two worlds to create an identifiable and desired look for all.

Fenty Beauty

Her first introduction to the LVMH world, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, was an instant hit the moment the world heard about it. Presented as an inclusive makeup range for people of all shades, the brand didn’t disappoint. It features 40 shades of foundation, highly acclaimed lipsticks, highlighters and concealers, and campaigns featuring people of all shades and sizes, proving that diversity isn’t a passing trend but a core foundation of Rihanna’s business practice.

Fenty Skincare

It was only a matter of time before makeup turned into skincare, and Fenty Skin was the perfect addition to the growing Fenty empire. With a range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and more, this brand emphasises natural skincare, with only vegan, cruelty-free and eco-conscious products being used. Described by Rihanna herself as the new culture of skincare, Fenty Skin has lived up to its reputation, giving fans everywhere the confidence to be their fresh-faced selves.

Savage X Fenty

2018 saw the launch of Savage x Fenty, a brand that couldn’t be more aligned with Rihanna’s image. Sexy, inclusive, and fearless, Fenty’s newest business venture was a lingerie brand, one that was set to shake up the industry.

Known for spotlighting one body type, the lingerie world was shaken when Savage x Fenty came out of the gate, showing that sexiness isn’t exclusive. Their first fashion show at NYFW had models and dancers of all sizes down the runway, and through the years, they’ve even had survivors of breast cancer take part to raise awareness and challenge the idea of what sexiness is.

Upon becoming a mother, Rihanna is rumoured to be working on a maternity line under Savage x Fenty to make mothers-to-be feel sexy and beautiful during their pregnancies.

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