Wafflesncream’s Latest Capsule Collection Is An Ode to Femme & Queer Skaters [@wafflesncream]

Wafflesncream’s Latest Capsule Collection Is An Ode to Femme & Queer Skaters [@wafflesncream]

Nigerian skateboard and clothing brand; Wafflesncream, has just announced the release of their new capsule collection. Dubbed waf. Babes, the collection is the perfect summary to wrap up their women’s month celebration, and it’s clear that the brand has poured their heart and soul into this stunning new release.

Founded by Jomi Marcus-Bello in 2010, Wafflesncream has been a fixture in the Nigerian skateboarding community for over eight years, and the brand’s latest release is a testament to their consistent commitment to supporting and invigorating their local skating and fashion scene.

“In a glorious finale to women’s month, we are dropping the waf. babes capsule,” the brand said in an Instagram announcement unveiling the campaign images for the collection. The editorial features femme skaters from the Nigerian skate community dressed in the new pieces, captured by photographer Isabel Okoro.

At the heart of the waf. Babes collection lies a deep desire to uplift and empower femme and queer skaters, who have long faced a lack of institutional and social support.

The brand’s commitment to inclusivity is inspiring, and it’s clear that they’ve taken the time to listen to the needs of their community. The result is a collection that is unapologetically bold and utterly unique. All throughout the collection, the brand continues its signature juxtaposition of weaving traditional Nigerian styles with more contemporary elements.


One of the standout pieces in the collection is a cropped cuban collar shirt which is rendered in custom waf prints. The shirt has a flattering silhouette that is both comfortable and stylish. In the campaign imagery the shirt is paired with black cargo pants to achieve that skatecore aesthetic Wafflesncream has become known for. The green jumpsuit presented in the collection is also the perfect piece for anyone who wants to make a bold fashion statement on and off the board. The range of accessories that comes with the collection, from tote bags to socks, are also a must-have, and the use of Ankara prints adds a touch of Nigerian heritage to the collection.

The Waf. Babes collection is a powerful reminder of the importance of representation and inclusivity in all areas of life, including sports and fashion. It is a stylish call to action to support and uplift those who have been marginalized and silenced, and to create a world where everyone feels valued and celebrated for who they are.