TORA-LILY: You’ll Love Tiger’s Eye For Design

TORA-LILY: You’ll Love Tiger’s Eye For Design

In the vibrant world of emerging fashion, one name that’s been making waves and capturing hearts is Tora Lily. This budding fashion brand is the brainchild of Tiger Lily, who embarked on her fashion odyssey in 2021, fueled by her passion for design and a background in graphic arts. Her designs are a testament to her creative roots, boasting visually stunning graphics and all-over prints that instantly draw you into her world.

What’s even more incredible is the brand’s meteoric rise since its inception. With a growing army of followers constantly asking for re-stocks and new drops, Tora Lily is carving out its space in the fashion industry, leaving a mark that’s hard to ignore. 

“Tora” is Japanese for Tiger a clever choice that sets this brand apart. Tiger Lily’s entrepreneurial journey began on Depop, where she first shared her creations with the world. Her talent quickly garnered recognition for its “it girl” aesthetic, and a loyal fan base started to form.

What truly distinguishes the brand is its unwavering dedication to creativity. Drawing inspiration from her mother’s sewing expertise, Tiger Lily infuses her work with a deep respect for fusing artistry with craftsmanship, and new-gen features, such as their long denim jacket, which has an X-ray skull graphic on it. It has been an incredibly fluid journey of growing and learning with the label. We asked Tiger how she felt the designs had evolved since she began:

A lot! I actually hate my first designs, I was just experimenting and learning, I didn’t really think that deeply into this being a business and that people would actually wear things, but I guess it’s part of the process. Now I put a lot more thought into practicality, such as where someone might wear the piece I’m designing, and ways to increase wear.

What began as crafting for herself has blossomed into a brand adored by fashion enthusiasts worldwide, with stylists and celebrities all clamouring to have a Tora Lily piece, including the likes of Ice Spice, Megan The Stallion, and Bella Hadid

Tora Lily’s designs possess an edgy allure, transforming unconventional and asymmetric cuts into stunning masterpieces. The latest AW23 collection transports us to the silver screen, with dramatic prints that demand attention. From striking graphics of faces and body parts to safety pins and autumn leaves, each piece tells a story. However it’s not all been red carpets and roses, we asked Tiger what the hardest part about running Tora Lily has been:

Being in control of everything and being the person that is relied on if something goes wrong. Even though being a designer is the main part of the job, when you run your own business you have to be in control of everything such as finances, machines, managing staff, it can be very stressful especially if I am in creative mode that day. You always have to keep yourself motivated and believe in yourself.

Nialah wears Red Nails dress from Tora-Lily AW23; Amira wears Saftey Pin dress from Tora-Lily AW23

From buttons to accessories, no detail is spared in making each garment artful. With Tora Lily, you’re wearing a piece of creativity, with a slice of passion, and a dash of boldness. So, watch out for Tora Lily because Tiger definitely has the eye! Get it? No? Whatever…

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