Lewis Hamilton’s Mission 44 is Driving Change for Young Futures

Lewis Hamilton’s Mission 44 is Driving Change for Young Futures

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, is not just known for his exceptional driving skills on the racetrack but also for his passionate advocacy for social and environmental causes. One of his most impactful initiatives is Mission 44 – an organisation focused on building a more inclusive education system, supporting progression into STEM careers and empowering young people to be change makers.

Last Thursday the Formula 1 champ visited a local college in his hometown Stevenage to launch Mission 44’s new partnership with Stevenage Borough council, local schools and employers that will connect industry leaders with students from diverse backgrounds got create greater access into STEM. Hamilton’s journey from a humble background to becoming an F1 legend is an inspiring story in itself. Mission 44 serves as an example of how individuals, even those in elite sports, can use their platforms for positive change and inspire others to do the same. GUAP spoke to the legend himself briefly about his personal passion for STEM and the actions he’s taken to promote it.

GUAP: How vital are STEM roles to your career as an F1 driver?

Lewis: STEM touches everything that we do. We would not be able to exist and do what we do [in F1] without it. However there is a lack of diversity, there’s a lack of young girls getting into STEM. So that’s the work we’re trying to do to improve the pipeline.

At the heart of Mission 44’s mission lies a set of core values that revolve around education, empowerment, and employment opportunities. Education is seen as a cornerstone, as the organisation believes that knowledge is the catalyst for change. Through their initiatives, they aim to provide young people with access to quality education and mentorship, enabling them to thrive in fields such as STEM, motorsport, and creative industries. Moreover, Mission 44 is dedicated to creating employment opportunities in these sectors, ensuring that talent knows no boundaries. By fostering these skills and pathways, they empower young individuals to be influential change makers, capable of driving the positive transformations our world urgently needs.

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