The Best Hairstyles at the 2023 GUAP Gala

The Best Hairstyles at the 2023 GUAP Gala

With little to no surprise, this year’s GUAP Gala was graced with an array of vibrant, unique and innovative hairstyles all of which captured guests’ individuality and personal interpretations of the Cosmic Dreams theme. Here is our list of some of our favourite hairstyles of the night.

Tinea Taylor

Starting off strong we have Tinea Taylor with her Princess Leia inspired locs. Tinea wowed the carpet with her theme efficient hairstyle styled by Sinead from Lush London. We were in awe of her attention to detail with the additional silver stoning added to the locs to create a star-like galaxy perfectly placed and capturing the light.

Tinea Taylor wearing Amar London

Liv Little 

Next we have Liv Little with her elegant, dystopian take on the cosmic theme. Liv’s inspiration was drawn straight from her beautifully styled garments in which she echoed the monochromatic colour palette for her hair styling choice. This look was an intergalactic dream and we were obsessed.

Liv Little wearing Cathy Meyong

Shaquille-Aaron Keith 

Shaquille dressed up his notable locs with a simple yet striking look, drawing inspiration from the concept of a cosmic dream. He added gorgeous silver cuffs to have his hair be the focal point, and that it was. The simplicity of this look is what made it so effective and stood out amongst the crowd. What’s more, he told us on the red carpet that he did his hair himself in the car on the way to the gala! 

Shaquille-Aaron Keith

Yinka Bokinni 

Up next we have Yinka Bokinni and her night sky inspired hair that quite literally lit up the room. Styled by Lush London, this look was stunning and illuminated with every move made. We loved Yinka’s overall Alien Superstar references and had no choice but to add it to our list.

Yinka Bokinni


The lovely Athena turned heads with her grand interpretation of the solar system. Athena’s bubble ponytail look was reminiscent of the planets within the solar system and her attempt to reference the galaxy was a success. Bound together by ropes of silver, this self styled star hit the nail on our cosmic theme.


Candy Cooke

We loved Candy Cooke’s references to afro-futurism with her spiky slick back hair. Styled by B.Luban Hair, this abstract interpretation of a star within the galaxy was genius and reflected the perfect cosmic dream.

Candy Cooke wearing Syban Veradi Laufer

Bisi Akins

Last but not least we have Bisi Akins. Bisi’s look was literal and brilliantly executed, the star braids sat like a crown which was suitable for this overall regal finish. Styled by Deborah Lola, we loved the attention to detail with the mini stars layered in-between each braided star and thought this look succeeded in both finesse and theme execution.

Bisi Akins

Sandy Abua

Industry of the year winner Sandy Abua completed her luxurious red sequinned gown with a beautiful matching headpiece, bringing a sense of regality to an otherwise simple but figure-loving dress by Torela Designs.

Sandy Abuah in Torela Designz

Ellis Eyo Thompson

There were lots of gorgeous headpieces on the night, but this one worn by Ellis Eyo Thompson was particularly special; as a tribute to their friend Elie who unfortunately passed away. And what a beautfiul tribute it was, a satellite shaped crown, featuring a gold rim and a gorgeous photograph, in which Elie also appeared to be dressed on theme. Ellis paired the showstopping headpiece, designed by Timoni ImVelt, with a black sequinned suit by ASOS, decorated with gold stars. This astrology expert knew exactly how to deliver our theme.


Chrome, Cosmic and celestial. Last year’s best dressed runner up Zain dazzled in a gorgeous silver dyed look that complimented their iconic bodysuit worn. We loved the commitment to the silver colour blocking and adored the overall look – a daring choice that paid off!

Monikah Lee

Monikah Lee was a perfect beauty with her gorgeous planetary hairstyle, finished with silver stoning and cuffs. Styled by tressesandtravel, this look had Monikah serving regal outer space and we can’t help but love every part of it.

Abigail Ajobi

Designer Abigail Ajobi reminded us of a cosmic tinkerbell with this stunning, delicate look. The combination of the blonde braids and silver eye makeup gave intergalactic fairy and we were mesmerised.

Abigail Ajobi


We loved this astrological take on Cosmic dreams with Suhaiyla’s horned headpiece and glorious braided look. This is a perfect example of artistic interpretation of an Earth sign, and framed her face beautifully. Her outfit was equally as gorgeous -a star printed two piece by Brian De Carvalho with exaggerated sleeves and peep through cleavage finished with a bow.

Suhaiyla in Brian De Carvalho

So, what do you think? Which is your favourite and are there any that we have missed out? Tweet us @guapmag and let us know.