The adidas x GUAP Originals Creator Network Graduation Exhibition

The adidas x GUAP Originals Creator Network Graduation Exhibition

Over the last 5 months, adidas London and GUAP have collaborated to create a creative development program called ‘The Originals Creator Network’, which set out to support 20 emerging creatives through bi-weekly workshops, access to free therapy, exclusive events, and work on a final project. From creative direction and storytelling to project management and brand partnerships, the Originals have learned a range of necessary professional skills to help take their careers to the next level.

On this program, we’ve been honored to see photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, stylists, 3D animators, and more walk through our metaphorical doors. We’ve watched them battle the odds, push past their comfort zones, and strive to create new engaging works.

To celebrate the end of the current program, the Originals have co-created, curated, and installed this exhibition featuring solo and collaborative works including photography, film, animations, and textile pieces centered around the theme of Rebel to Revolutionise

Mathushaa Sagthidas and Jai Toor – Championing the Revolutionary

Mathushaa Sagthidas, represents Eelam Tamil heritage, and Jai Toor, is a proud representative of Punjabi heritage. This duo worked together to present a compelling photography exhibition, shining a spotlight on the history and revolutionary journey of the creative South Asian Diaspora in the UK. Enter the world of three outstanding creatives—Yushy (Photographer), Bolly (Dancer), and Pritt (Artist). The overarching theme, “CHAMPIONING THE REVOLUTIONARY,” intricately weaves together elements of representation, culture, and stereotypes. The aim is to highlight individuals who fearlessly broke barriers, forging unique paths to success. These narratives are not mere stories; they are tales of resilience, passion, and triumph that call for a collective celebration.

The question arises—why now, and why this collaborative effort? This initiative stems from a personal commitment, rooted in the lived experiences of those involved—navigating passions in environments that may not always be inclusive. These narratives are not fleeting trends; they are stories grounded in opportunity, with the belief that every voice deserves to be heard. Through this exhibition, homage is paid to the struggles that have shaped these creatives, acknowledging that their collective journey is a testament to resilience and the triumph of spirit.

Photo by Filip

Sveety K – Where did the wild bees go?

Dive into the immersive world virtual world where urban decay meets the pristine oasis just beyond London’s limits. Play as Sage, a punk-inspired protagonist on a mission to save a hidden sanctuary threatened by the disappearance of crucial pollinators. Accept the quest to uncover corporate schemes. Explore the delicate balance between nature and industry in this thought-provoking gallery of lush landscapes and gritty cityscapes. Will you be the savior of wild bees?”

David Aderogba – Poetic Sounds Of A Rebel

“POETIC SOUNDS OF A REBEL” is not merely an art collection; it’s an immersive narrative that unfolds through a visual and auditory symphony, telling the empowering tale of the silent rebel. In each stroke, note, and hue, the collection dares to challenge the status quo, breaking down boundaries that confine creativity and resilience.

The canvases are not mere reflections; they are mirrors reflecting the strength of the silent rebel—the one who disrupts industries with a quiet resilience, shattering preconceived notions without uttering a word. The pieces embody the courage to question, the audacity to dream, and the power to reshape narratives that confine creativity.

Andrea Elena Soteriou – This is Football

In the top four divisions of England’s highest football leagues, there are currently no players who openly identify as gay. “This is Football” seeks to address this absence through a compelling blend of visual art and poetry, weaving together diverse narratives that explore the perceptions surrounding the lives of queer footballers and enthusiasts. The short film invites viewers to contemplate and form their own opinions, with the ultimate goal of fostering understanding and acceptance.

This film is not created exclusively for queer footballers; rather, it is intended for those who have yet to initiate the conversation. Let it be known that this is Football, and that’s all it needs to be.

Photo by Filip

Filip Skiba – Ball Of A Room

Rebellion is a feeling out of the norm, an anti binary that serves c**t

Why not do it as a chance for a better life? Create your own structures that co-inside with who we want to be.

Flying’s always an option, but you can choose to be there now…. And fight.

Photo by Dre Martins

Jess Govinden – Girls Like Us

The Lionesses have shown us time and time again that they’re a team that have brought strength, excitement and momentum to football, yet it took winning the Euro’s for people to take notice. Why is that?! We grew up trading Match Attax and playing FIFA and watching the footie on telly. Football was everywhere and all around us. Oh. Men’s football was everywhere and all around us. The women’s team weren’t (and still aren’t) given the same facilities, opportunities and representation as their male counterparts which is a theme not only within football but outside of it too.

Only 4% of sports coverage is devoted to women’s sports. Over the past decade, women only make up 12% of songwriters and 3% of producers – radio plays are dominated by white male artists. 32% of MPs in the UK are women. 11% of Surgeons in the UK are women. 20% of Head chefs in the UK are women.

Girls Like Us connects community with women’s football and the conversation around it. Documenting not only players but trailblazers from different industries who are creating an impact and making a change for not only us, but the next generation, just like the Lionesses have done. Although football has made this conversation louder, the movement is bigger than the game. We continue to rebel, we will continue revolutionise.

Photo by Filip

Gaïa de Crecy – 100 faces

100 faces represents 100 people shaping the current creative scene.

Shot between Marseille, Paris and London, everyone has been asked the same question : “What does revolution mean to you?”

This project wants to be a reminder that honest support will get us so much further than competition and comparison.

“I’m deeply grateful to be able to witness the making of such beautiful things and be surrounded by passionate and talented individuals transforming the way we “should do things”. I believe in encouraging individuals to embrace their unique passion and qualities, not try to imitate others, stay true to themselves, discover their own path and therefore make a sincere and positive impact in the world.”

Photo by Filip

TAYLART – Man Down

Coming from the harsh realities of life in Hackney, London; Olivia Taylar L-W known as OT, aged 26 took it upon herself to grasp the reality of the corrupt, systematic, trapped life in the United Kingdom even when things may have looked bleak. Being troubled and raised in a tough urban environment where artistic outlets were few and far between, Olivia was lucky to be blessed with opportunities to develop the blueprint to her creative desired dream from young.

As an active member of her community Olivia constantly gets involve in her local community enterprises to try and give back to those from disadvantage backgrounds the opportunity. Being a full-time employee within the music industry, a contributing member of her community as well as juggling her art desire.

Rip Rashard Charles unlawfully killed by a police offer which incited “a riot” in Hackney 2017

Photo by Filip

Oliver “Olly” Engele – The Leader

THE LEADER is a mind-bending thriller series that combines the enigmatic storytelling of “Black Mirror” and “The Master” with the surrealist influence of Donald Glover and Jordan Peele. Set in the UK in the near future, the show centres around the Mayborn Industries apprenticeship programme – a programme that promises disenfranchised men from low socio-economic backgrounds a better future, but at a monumental cost.

Through nonlinear narratives, surreal sequences, and thought-provoking themes, the story explores the struggle for individuality, masculinity, and rebellion.

Photo by Filip

Lauren A-Brown – SKIN’EDS

SKIN’EDS re-invents a subculture and celebrates shaved hair through both female and non-binary individuals – rebelling against society’s perceptions regarding hair and gender.

Jaka Koroma, Emmanuella and Grier Iana – VEPO (ˈnɪ-roʊ)

A fashion film teaser based on how the scarcity of water has made the world resort to manufacturing an artificial water that has strange properties. Delving into how the world would look if elements such as water rebelled against the earth’s natural order.

VEPO (pronounced ‘nero’) – “now water can flow or it can crash”

A hazy fantasy based on how the scarcity of water has made the world resort to manufacturing artificial water that has strange properties. Delving into how the world would look if elements such as water rebelled against the earth’s natural order. This substance defies the laws of nature, leading to surreal transformations in our Selah’s perception. Witness the ethereal dance of this peculiar water as it defies gravity and unleashes hallucinatory effects, reshaping the very fabric of reality.

Xae Cotterell – foreign colours

foreign colours, a culture zine, this first issue, the rebel issue, explores the culture of rebellion through the lens of the boldest colour on the spectrum – pink. A colour once considered so unusual it was referred to as “foreign colour”. This issue presents a curated collection of content that embodies the essence of defiance while being just as unapologetic as the colour it celebrates.

Photo by Filip

Florentyne Katakwe – Grew Taller

Grew Taller is a textile piece created to explore the social stigmas set against black women. The artwork situated on the back of the jacket uses poetry to elevate the negative stigma against black women into something positive.

Photo by Filip

Lisa Bouvery – Reload It

A short documentary celebrating the pioneers of Hip-Hop in its 50th year and its revolutionary impact within the music scene, also introducing the new generation of rappers.

Photo by Filip


A nostalgic throwback to the golden-age of the Grime scene. Celebrating the music and culture as catalysts for rebellion against the control of the Music industry – revolutionising it for generations to come.

Photo by Filip

Jethro Nepomuceno – MELANDOLLIA

Being in a space where you’re in a constant cycle of creating to survive there are a lot of feelings & pressures that young creatives face trying to ‘make it’ in the industry. Fears of falling behind, not creating enough, imposter syndrome, burning out, and many other feelings pop up in our heads that never really go away. 

Creating toy-like sculptures, Jethro wanted to represent his journey through his own mental health and visualise his feelings trying to navigate what it means to be creative.

Here are the images!

Photo by Filip