GUAP Meets The 90s Baby Show

With the rise of podcasters from every contemporary subculture known to our present day, one podcast that has truly stood the test of time – The 90s Baby Show. This jovial melanated man trio has undeniably pioneered the podcasting community by firmly carving out a unique space for themselves and newcomers resembling their backgrounds and life experiences – to whom 8 years ago would not have had such a prominent seat at the podcasting table. To many, 90s baby have become a nostalgic ‘home away from home’ during many commutes to work, university dorm laptops, and friendship home gatherings. However, how has the podcast affected the lives and homes of its hosts?

GUAP sat down with the hosts, Fred Santana, Temi Alchémy, and VP to find out more about their journey so far as podcast pioneers and their advice for the newcomers in the game.

VP: The greatest thing about the podcast is that we get to be ourselves. 

Fred: Has the podcast impacted our home over the past year? Yes – because we’ve made it a safe place where if anything does happen in the outside world we can come home and this is where it’s peaceful again. That’s what we’ve built at home because of how the podcast has grown in positive ways. 

Temi: It’s not going to be linear… it might be you do this, then take a couple of steps back and regroup. Just understand that you’re not going to have the final product initially. Where we are today is a result of many mistakes, many great ideas, many ideas that didn’t work…

A Success Story For The Ages

The success of The 90s Baby Show can be attributed to an array of factors and formulas. However, at the forefront of them all, the chemistry and dynamic energy between the hosts have been a key ingredient in creating engaging, entertaining, and at times, educational storytimes for their listening community. 

Another key aspect that sets the 90s Baby Show apart is its role in paving the way for podcasting in the entertainment industry. In the early days of the podcast, podcasters were still finding their feet and brand deals were not as easily attainable (especially for black and brown creatives). However, Fred, Temi, and VP have seamlessly blended humour, insightful commentary, and cultural observations that have resonated with their audiences, attracting a loyal following and brand partnerships that cater directly to their community’s needs. 

GUAP: Do you think that you’ve made it?

VP: I don’t think there’s a place where I would get to a place where I would think that.

Temi: Impossible! There isn’t such a thing

Fred: There will be a time when we will. Right now we’ve been doing this for 8 years coming unto 9, and we’ve been full-time for 1 year. I think when you’re full-time for 15-20 years then yeah.

VP: I think it comes with time then

Temi: I started to forget about success being a destination and it being a journey – if I don’t feel it now then it will just continue. As long as I’m happy – then yeah I’ve made it. A lot of people though would say we have… but I don’t think I will ever feel that way.

Their success journey has continued by frequently sold-out live shows year after year. Fans of the podcast eagerly flock to their live events, turning them into unforgettable experiences filled with laughter, music, and a sense of community. The authenticity when sharing personal stories face-to-face with their audiences creates an additional layer of exclusivity yet relatability in an intimate atmosphere, allowing listeners to feel like they are having a conversation with real-life friends. 

GUAP: What’s Next for 90s Baby?

VP: We’ve got a Christmas Dinner coming up.

Fred: We’ve just done an event with Scottish Widows, so hopefully in the New Year we can do more financial literacy events. And more trips and having fun with our members.

VP: Yeah Amsterdam – I’m looking forward to that one.

Fred: More trips, international and more local ones, even get some football games in. 

Temi: Strategic brand collaborations, productions outside of the studio and podcast, more valuable guests.