Meet the Black ski group bringing culture and community to the slopes [@offpisteskitrip]

Meet the Black ski group bringing culture and community to the slopes [@offpisteskitrip]

When envisioning a skiing enthusiast, we’re all likely to have a fairly monolithic picture in our head of what that person looks like. However, winter sports group Off Piste Ski Trip is here to change the game and show that these activities are not just reserved for the white, wealthy, and privileged. Off Piste Ski Trip’s mission is simple: “making ski resorts more accessible and entertaining by offering community and championing representation of Black culture on the mountain.”


With Black skiers making up only 1.5% of the wider skiing demographic, this mission feels necessary, and the group has found a remarkable way to deliver that goal. Blending the traditional skiing trip with unique offerings, such as parties led by renowned DJs. The group offers a one-of-a-kind experience where members get hooked up on adrenaline-filled winter sports whilst being in a community where vibes are 10/10. With two trips under its belt so far, Off Piste Ski Trip has already gained significant traction, having worked with brands such as Red Bull, Jack Wills, and Planks Clothing.

Primarily working with first-time skiers and snowboarders, the group prioritises safety, offering appropriate classes whereby attendees walk out feeling empowered and thrilled. Already sporting 70 members with only two trips under its belt, Off Piste Ski Trip is looking to expand its cohort and widen its mission to more and more Black British people seeking a holiday experience like no other. 


Whilst summer may be over, Off Piste Ski Trip has people covered for the upcoming season. With its first 2024 skiing trip selling out within 24 hours, their next announcement carries just as much anticipation. The group will be taking over the Italian alps in March 2024, if you’d like to join them, you can reserve your spot now.

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