Shahlaa Discovers [@shahlaatahira] X GUAP Issue 12

Shahlaa Discovers [@shahlaatahira] X GUAP Issue 12

You didn’t know about Drey Cheekz

I first discovered Drey Cheekz when my home girl who is also her manager Gaby Arow sent me her latest single at the time ‘I Bring Me’ this June. ‘I Bring Me’ was also one of my spotlight tracks on Guap Magazine and summer 17, Drey Cheekz has been making serious moves in music. Drey Cheekz released her brand new EP ‘Crossover’ just 8 days ago and its already gained over 6,000 hits on Soundcloud. Drey really took her time on this project and collborated with Producers; Sona,Wild Boy Ace, LekaaGotWings, Ace Keyz and more.

Drey Cheekz said  “ The Crossover EP is my way of showcasing the range of variety in my style of songs and vocals. It’s a crossover of genres I enjoy listening to as well as a cross of emotions within the project also. I wanted to have fun with this new project, push myself out of my comfort zone, do the unexpected… “

But have a listen yourself and here from Drey herself below…

Describe your sound in 3 Words.

Sultry, Urban & Soulful

Why is music so important to you?

Music is important to me because it’s something I listen to everyday, it’s a way that I can express myself with no boundaries…. and something I know I can use to connect with others. I love being in that creative space and music allows me to do that.

When your think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

Building my brand internationally, performing all over the world, being an influencer. Collaborating with many music artists and fashion designers.

Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

To take risks and not let fear be the obstacle to taking them. I could sing from a long while ago… but I didn’t want to put myself out there because I was scared of what people would say and afraid to fail & explore.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

DreyCheekz on twitter & facebook.

Soundcloud… apple music, Spotify (My EP is available to download and stream now).

Spotlight Track:

Woah, this week has been mental for new music releases! So this was a really hard choice, but it goes too

DA ft Latir – Agora

If you’ve been a #ShahlaaDiscovers follower for a while, you will know that we have been supporting the Paradime Collective since early 2015. Yesterday two members of the collective Producer DA and Singer/Songwriter Latir dropped their latest single Agora.

With everyone complaining that we had no summer, Agora manages to bring back positive summer morning vibes with a catchy hook, you’ll end up singing all day!

There are five members in the Paradime Collective, with DA (pronounced Dee-Ay) being the man behind some of your favourite bangers from 4i and Latir.

DA was born in Lisbon but has lived in the UK for 20 years. Which is why his sound blurs between Hip-Hop, Electronica, Soul, Afro-Brazilian groove and more.

When I asked DA about producing Agora he said: “I went on an trip, exploring Afro-Brazilian culture last year….’Agora’ is my ode to Afro-Brazilian culture. It samples various clips and the main sample says ’Agora E Ja’ which roughly translates to ’Now is Now’….it’s about embracing the present moment and embracing the intuition that creates the moment. We don’t need permission to enjoy ourselves. Nor do we need to wait for a cue. If you want to buss a quick solo wine or a salsa while everyone else is doing a waltz. Do your ting. More than that though, it’s a message to self and to others, that sometimes, impulse is good. Sometimes, impulse is necessary. Sometimes, impulse is worth it….I want to say and remind everyone that we are the miracles. We are the forces of nature….There will always be obstacles, there will always be barriers, there will always be pagans but so what. Organise the mandem, organise the galdemm, fling on your favourite tune to step to and get your life.

So stick on Agora first thing in the morning to remind yourself ‘Now is Now’ and stay up to date with @ProducedbyDA (Twitter).

Lets Go:

With all that’s been circling in the media the past week after Munroe Bergdorf drew attention to how POC (People Of Colour) are treated and represented, the need for more like minded brands is higher than it has ever been.

In steps Foundation 2017, which is an all day event encouraging social activism, through multi disciplinary performance, music, spirituality, and discussion.

This event is for us lot who have been told we’re weird, unusual, different, crazy, strange, confused and odd.

Foundation 2017 is creating a safe space for QTIPOCs to celebrate, connect, create, grieve and dance. Foundation 2017 welcomes all people and champions diversity.

Their debut event is on Sunday 17th September at Hackney Showroom from 3pm – 10pm.

The line up visualises their diversity with music, DJ sets and poetry from Larry B, Edges, Jay Revlon, Sherelle, Dylema, Remi Graves and more!

There will also be an art exhibition curated by Rianna Jade Parker and short film screenings from Our Stories Ldn.

So get your Tickets on the Hackney Showroom website, to join the revolution or follow their Instagram and Facebook page for updates – @unefoundation

And get more info about the movement at


















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