Selfridges Launches It’s First Rental Collection In Partnership With HURR

Selfridges Launches It’s First Rental Collection In Partnership With HURR
Selfridges’ first in-house rental collection is in collaboration with circular fashion label HURR as part of its Project Earth initiative.

The Selfridges rental collection will feature a curation of over 100 contemporary and high fashion pieces from 40 brands that you can rent for 4, 8, 10 or 20 days from £30.

During quarantine retail brands were forced to examine their offerings as we re-evaluated our relationship to fashion and shopping. With consumers becoming far more conscious about their habits and where they spend their money, Selfridges is the latest brand to jump on board the circular fashion train with their Project Earth pledge.

Selfridge’s Project Earth initiative includes several five year commitments to move the brand towards a more sustainable model.

They aim to: ensure all materials used in their production are sustainable and ethically sourced by 2025, launch new resell and repair retail models as well as inspire a shift in mindsets with everyone they work with.

In February peer-to-peer lending service HURR hosted a rental pop-up in Selfridges which proved to be extremely popular landing them a permanent spot in the luxury department store alongside Selfridges own rental collection.

Victoria Prew, founder of HURR, has said that the future of fashion is a rent-buy model. She’s not wrong as the stigma around renting designer pieces slowly begins to dissipate, and consumers are becoming increasingly conscious, it is likely we will see more rental fashion brands targeting different demographics as well as incorporating technology into their models.