We took a little hiatus last week but we are back with some goodies for you! To make up for lost time, we added a few extra tracks to get you reminiscing on some old school grime, the new generation soundscapes of drill and some electric UK rap. Why not jump right in with our top picks ?!

bib sama. – BLEED

This hyper-pop track features an anime soundtrack twist, as bib sama sings about a toxic love affair, hinting at the exchange of Sadomasochism in love. With dramatic melodies and a rapidly shifting, complex chord progression, this is a refreshing take on UK hyper-pop.

Mace The Great ft. Manga Saint Hilare

If your gun fingers are itching to dance into action, then get ready to dust them off for this mid-noughties style grime track, ‘Reason To’. Throwing us back into serious nostalgia, the two collaborate to lay down lyrics about unmatched lyrical talent, self-promotion and trustworthy street connections.

Dreamer Isioma, redveil – Technicolor Love

In a trippy new single, Dreamer falls in love with a woman, expressing a sense of delusion in how toxic this love really is. The guest artist, redveil, extends the blissful track with his experience of a toxic love, adding a layer of vulnerability as he raps about his promise to be there for her in troubling times.

Enny – No More Naija Men

Realising that she has been blocking her blessings by not broadening her pool, Enny speaks about stressful experiences with Naija men, their approach to dating and infatuation with sex. She uses this track as a platform to challenge a problematic, traditional route many take to blame women for the lack self-control often displayed by men.

Alexander Benjamin – Pretty White Dress

Starting smooth with a classic, carbon-fibre drumstick four-count, Alexandra speaks about his encounter with a drop dead gorgeous, brown eyed diva in a pretty white dress. On an instrumental track composed with bass guitar and drums, he talks big about his lucky Wednesday night at her parent’s home.

Arz – Give me 24

Sampling Jhene Aiko’s Stay Ready (What a Life), Arz raps about making a commitment to a relationship. It is with the blissful heartache from stubborn love that his lyrics convey the essence of fate, that Jhene sing off from the sampled track.

Ray Laurel – Temptress

This evolving bedroom pop track oscillates between a mellow flow and an expansive electric high to mirror the fluctuating style of Laurel’s performance. With a five-second explosive electric rock introduction dropping to silence, Laurel enters the spotlight with soft, tuneful lyrics to sing about his wavering experience with a temptress.

Idahams – Wetin No Good

With ‘Wetin No Good,’ Afrobeats and Amapiano are seamlessly fused into an infectious pop track. As the song rides a thumping bassline and magical drum patterns, Idahams displays masterful vocal delivery and poetic songwriting about love, sex, and relationships.

Glasshousetenant – Last Stand

On an electro-acoustic guitar instrumentation, Glasshousetenant speaks about a haunting final experience with a special person. Singing on their final moments of either literal death or a figurative expression of the end of a relationship, the dark ominous lyrical content is perfectly paired with the blend of guitar instrumentation and 2010’s pop drum components.

Strandz & Digga D – Us Against The World (Remix)

Digga D and Strandz get together to remix the original lover boy track ‘Us Against the World’. On a Rick Ross-esque luxury rap style of music, the two speak of a ‘Bonny and Clyde’ kind of love that they are proud to experience and showcase to the world.

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