We know we’ve been away, but we come baring gifts. March is proving to be the best month for music so far, here’s a stacked list of some new music to get your teeth sunken into. Welcome to the Re-Up, Stacked Edition.

NAYANA AB – Intrusive Thoughts

This two-track EP will soothe your soul sonically. NAYANA AB’s deep, quivering tone glides miraculously over the fluid, intricate production.

Jitwam, YUNGMORPHEUS, Jaydonclover – hollatchu

Jaydonclover’s angelic (most angelic voice known to man, by the way) vocals over house production courtesy of Jitwam, was something I never knew I needed ’til now. YUNGMORPHEUS rides the beat flirtatiously as he hops on the bouncy instrumental.

sbk – Tanjiro

sbk’s latest track is filled with clever wordplay over a booming bassline. His cadence packs a punch as he references the main character from the anime Demon Slayer.

JIREH – A Guide 2 Recognizing Your Saints

JIREH is spinning Neo-soul gold with this album. The grooves in the production combine with his smooth vocals and liquid rap flow as skits weave through the project inbetween.

Diz, berj – Father Renaissance

Jazz rap underdog Diz strikes again with the help of producer berj who flips an old, soulful sample as Diz’s lethargic cadence champions “being here to stay.”

FLO – Fly Girl

This is undoubtedly FLO’s best song since Cardboard Box. Giving song of the summer, it’s an anthem for all the fly girls out there. The Missy Elliot sample combined with the feature really gives it that 90s R&B nostalgia that FLO is known for evoking.

Francesca Wexler – LOVING U

Rap shapeshifter, Francesca Wexler is enhancing her catalogue even more with this melodious hook as her enticing flow tells the story of a troubled relationship. The beat is intriguing, switching between tempos throughout the song.

Kamal. – so here you are, drowning.

Kamal.’s soft vocals on the chill, cosy production really make this mixtape an easy listen. It’s heartfelt and intimate, his picturesque lyricism is highlighted by the simplicity in the production.

Sade Amor – Lowkeylvrs

Sade Amor rides this sax-heavy, Afrobeat rhythm for a sensual song perfect for warm summer nights. The enamouring melodies will have you wanting to dance on whoever it is that’s been catching your eye recently.

MEYY, twst – QT

MEYY and twst team up on this cutesy, hyper pop track. Ethereal vocals meets dreamy glitchcore, it’s defo one for all the alt babes in need of something new and exciting to add to their playlist.

Femi Tahiru – Jussai

Jussai has been on repeat. The slow funk of this track infused with Femi Tahiru’s falsetto creates this infectious, alternative R&B tune asking to be told straight up that his partner isn’t interested anymore.

Kali Claire – Before The World Ends

Kali Claire is back after a brief hiatus, coming in strong with her latest single. Written in the height of lockdown, it evokes a sensual feeling of running away with your lover and making the most out of their company ‘before the world ends’.

Dende – ’95 Civic

Dende’s latest album is guaranteed to put you in your feels if you’ve recently gone through heartbreak. The storytelling in his songwriting is sure to resonate with you and hit you like a punch in the gut. His smooth vocals make his harsh truths somewhat easier to hear.

Adanna Duru – NAPPY HOUR EP

NAPPY HOUR is a gorgeous introduction to genre-bending singer, Adanna Duru. While her vocals sit heavily in R&B, Afrobeats and Pop enter the production to make for a fun and sexy listening experience.

Venna, JADA – Tam Tam

Venna’s exquisite jazz laced production triumphs again. JADA’s gentle voice compliments it well as the two melt into each other. She unearths the thoughts that circles your mind in a situationship.

JGrrey, Kojey Radical – May

JGrrey’s indie vocal tones glide over the ambient production on ‘May’. Kojey Radical is on a stellar feature run at the minute and his slick rapping juxtaposes her soft vocals perfectly.

Len, brazy – ADDICTION

Len and brazy team up to emerge themselves in a lap of luxury. LEN kicks it off with designer label-laced quips, while brazy’s glossy bars are playful and upbeat.

Neru Thee Fourth Fugee, BbyMutha – End Daze

This track goes unbelievably hard, a female rap collaboration for the books. Neru Thee Fourth Fugee’s cadence wraps around the heavy-hitting beat, her bars full of braggadocio. BbyMutha’s feature is a perfect fit here as her style of rap aligns with Neru’s energy.

Nia Archives – Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall

Nia Archives is a genius. She manages to incorporate her jungle roots into her introspective tunes. Her voice has this spiralling feeling, amplified by the echo and reverb.

JFlames, Amethyst – Patience

JFlames and Amethyst team up on this piece of soulful gold. JFlames layers each nostalgic element of production to compliment Amethyst’s alluring vocals as she details how relationships can be hard work and it’s patience that helps them persevere.

AE – Not Your Girl

Ladies, we’ve got a new “beat and delete” anthem. AE aka Ads and Els ride a lo-fi drill instrumental as they detail how they want to keep things casual in the form of assertive, clever bars.

Jim Legxacy – old place

Innovator Jim Legxacy has done it again. He fuses a reverb-ed sample of Grip & Ride – Harlem Spartans with Jersey Club, acoustic guitar, emotional lyrics and the smooth melancholy that lies within his R&B-rooted vocals.

SOLOMON, Kojey Radical – phases

As the guitar on this song spirals harmoniously, SOLOMON’s heartfelt vocals spill on this track like a page in a diary about that all too familiar heartbreak feeling. It’s guaranteed to put you in your feels and sure to resonate with anyone going through it. Kojey Radical’s feature slow dances with the production before he switches up his cadence.

Theodor Black, SHEIVA – HUH!

Theodor Black’s vocals have this grit run with the upbeat tempo of the instrumentation, the song just feels like running through a field and feeling wind on your face. SHEIVA’s vocals linger in the background of the song, adding more depth. The beat switch is also pretty intriguing as the vocals have various effects added to them, distorting them to sound like voices in your head.

Nix Northwest, ENNY – You Ain’t Got a Chance Boy

Nix Northwest and ENNY jump on this fun, funky production with their witty bars that compliment each other really well. Nix Northwest’s cadence and flow glide over the beat with ease, his inflections changing with the rhythm. And ENNY’s too slick with it when it comes to spitting bars, making for a perfect partner in crime.

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