Last week was a hot music week with releases coming from the nostalgic funk filled vibes of Osquello to the highly-anticipated release of ‘Martin’s Sofa’ from Headie One. Music fans were spoilt for choice. That is why we’re here to refresh your minds on some of the drops you may have missed, for music lovers of all genres. So, sit back and enjoy some of the latest drops from Che Lingo to Nix Northwest and more. 

VinchSkiimuziik EP  

The South London rapper delivers an EP full of melodic and turnt up beats, packed with energy-filled adlibs throughout. From the catchy verses to the hyped songs that will have you dancing at any moment.  

Che Lingo, Roger Taylor, Queen- My Radio  

Starting with a beautiful piano, this song will touch your heartstrings as it grapples with feelings of loss, acceptance and vulnerability. The South West London rapper dedicated the song to his late grandmother.  

KiLLOWEN – Sober  

Calling all UK Garage lovers, because this one’s for you. This is a nostalgic, garage sound that will have you and your friends reminiscing on life. An instant feel-good vibe.  

FelixThe1st, 8Ruki– Lullaby  

We’ve got a French and West London crossover on this one. With them giving us a melodic song full of turnt-up beats that will have you vibing and moving no matter where you are.  

Laura Roy – Breathe  

Laura’s airy and angelic vocals shine through, with the song feeling like it should be a part of a soundtrack to a film. The London-based singer has you feeling like she’s personally talking to every individual listener who needs it. For everyone who needs a reminder to just ‘breathe’.  

Nix Northwest – Sun In My Eyes  

Everyone loves a little dance sometimes and this song will have you grooving and moving in no time. From the laidback delivery of the London rapper to the catchy chorus, it will have you instantly vibing along to it.  

Miles from Kinshasa, Knucks, Kadiata, Sam Wise – Don’t Be An Opp II  

What’s better than shouting the lyrics ‘Don’t be an opp’ endlessly? This will have your head bopping and your body moving along to the fun and laidback ambience. 

Kasien – Follow me  

Another song that will have your head bopping from the slick bars to the crazy flow. The talented London rapper, Kasien, flows with ease on the cold beat. 

MaZz and Felicia Buena – Dead 2 Me  

If you’re looking for a post-break-up song, then look no further. Ladies in particular be ready to scream this one out ‘You are dead to me’.  

Osquello – Romero 

Romero is an album full of different sounds that blend perfectly. It’s fun and different with not one of the songs sounding the same.  

Headie One – Martin’s Sofa  

The highly-anticipated song is finally out for everyone to listen to. The North London rapper reminisces on his past, letting listeners have a peek into the former lifestyle Headie One was living.