RYE LANE: A rom-com for the ages

A rom-com for ages, Rye Lane comes from the brilliant minds of writers Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia and director Raine Allen-Miller. Judging from the trailer alone, South London has never looked so playful and vibrant! 

Rye Lane is a romantic comedy that celebrates meeting the right person at the wrong time. Featured at Sundance Film Festival 2023, Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia’s quirky characters are channeled through the talents Oparah and Jonsson. The suffocating feeling of heartbreak, the journey to healing relationships that drain you, all while holding onto the hope of finding the real deal. Much like its namesake in the beating heart of South London, Rye Lane is electric.

In production with Searchlight Pictures, BBC Film, BFI, DJ Films, and Turnover Films. As spring marks the end of a blistering winter, Rye Lane is set to be the film to bring us out of hibernation. 

Watch the trailer and get excited for Rye Lane here. Rye Lane | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures UK – YouTube

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