Tap into Paa.K [pah-Kay] – the 23 year old East Londoner premiers the music video for his latest suave single ‘Nutty Prof.’ on GUAP. Find out more about the upcoming artist and the video below

Tell us a little bit about the story behind the video and single?

“The overall theme is sort of a spin off, from the actual film. Rather than there being two sides shown in the movie. The Large smarter fellow, being the Nutty professor and the slim eccentric charmer, his alter ego. Whereas there is me who has more sides than the original two. I could be funny, smart, reserved, outgoing etc, it’s me trying to find the balance between them all.”

In one sentence describe what your music feels or sounds like?

Good question, my music is refreshing and smooth, I aim to experiment as much as possible. What does it feel like? It feels like that one jigsaw puzzle piece, you’ve been searching for a long time, once found everything makes sense.

What can we expect from you in future?

You can expect creativity, different sounds, and me just having fun, that’s always the best thing to have in mind, have fun with it.


Director – Luke Annete (@lukeannett1) DOP & colouring – Conor Adam (@tallguyconnor) | Camera Assistant – Simona Pranulyté (@simonapranulyte) | Stylists – Vani Mishra (@vanimishra) & Patrycja Pyza (@p.pyza) | BTS Photography – Holly Rowlands (@picsbyhollyy) & Suzannah Gabriel (@suzzyparlaa) | Featuring Zino Vinci (@zinovinci) & Brounin (@brounin_)