Payday Drops: New Clothes to Buy Yourself this Payday

Payday Drops: New Clothes to Buy Yourself this Payday

Here we go again, folks! It’s Fri-Yay, your bank account just did a happy dance, and the weekend is calling your name. Get ready to splurge, because we’ve got a lineup of payday treats that’ll make your wallet do the cha-cha!


Spring Summer 2024 brings a fusion of timeless elegance and streetwise flair as Emmanuelle Khanh and Mains unite in an eyewear collab. Debuted at MAINS’ London Fashion Week show, these two frames added to the endless fashion hits on the runway that evening. The shades come in a silver chrome with matching reflective chrome lenses, and a glossy raven black with vibrant yellow translucent lenses.

2. SEVENTH A/W DROP 1 – Cactus V2 Zipped Hoodie, £245

Our favourite champions of effortless minimalism are back with their first drop of the season. Seventh mark their first foray into pigment-dyed tracksuits with this Cactus V2 Collection. The new items; the Cactus V2 Hoodie, V2 Zip Up, and V2 Stacks are healthy additions to Seventh’s burgeoning line-up of luxury tracksuits that just look and feel like more than a tracksuit. They dropped yesterday and will definitely be moving fast so run, don’t walk!

3. Stüssy X Clarks – Wallabee

Once again, streetwear mavericks Stüssy has teamed up with Clarks Originals for an iconic footwear collaboration. Over the past decade, these two brands have brought us a lineup of releases, transforming some of Clarks’ most iconic silhouettes. The latest one, available from today Friday, September 29th, is a reimagined pair of the worldwide Clark’ shoe’s favourite – Wallabees. Don’t miss out on this perfect pair.

4. Lost Boys Archives – The Snoafers, £190

Another pair of footholders for you this payday. Lost Boys have been making a statement in the sneaker world since 2019, and now they’re back with the “Snoafers”. The name of course is a play on a mix between sneakers and recent streetwear favourite loafers. Lost Boys adds their iconic emblem to it, completing the glossy classics for their core audience. Embedded in their new school-themed collection The Lost Boys Academy, the Snoafers will be available this Sunday at 5 PM for £190. 

5. Aeliza Autonomy Collection – 1.5 Extrospect hoodie

London’s own AELIZA is coming out with their latest collection that’s destined to turn heads and minds. Dropping is a fresh wave of hoodies, accessories, and branded T-shirts that scream urban sophistication. The drop is all about elevating your game and they’re not holding back. New hoodies are in, emblazoned with bold branding across the front complete with with their emblematic “Autonomy” typography and symbology. AELIZA’s collection is a symphony of streetwear and statement in the city.

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