ON OUR RADAR : The Afro-Pop Fusion of Bloody Civilian [@BLOODY_CIV]

ON OUR RADAR : The Afro-Pop Fusion of Bloody Civilian [@BLOODY_CIV]

WHO: Bloody Civilian


GENRE: Genre Defying

WHERE: Abuja, Nigeria

Bethel: What inspired your name?

Bloody Civilian: Alright, so basically, what inspired the name is there’s a lot of like military violence where I’m from, and the term that they use against people is bloody civilians. So I just gave myself that name as a way to change the notion of what it means to be a civilian.

Bethel: Is that what inspired you to write ‘How To Kill a Man’?

Bloody Civilian: The song was based off of the general woman experience, not necessarily the military experience in Nigeria. There’s violence experienced by women regardless of if there is a war or anything, there’s always violence against women. Even in the off season.

Bethel: On the track ‘I Don’t Like You’, you had a lot to get off your chest. What were the experiences that led you to that?

Bloody Civilian: The song was just honestly about a series of event, non-specific, different feelings from different scenarios, and I kind of wrote about how I was feeling and that’s what inspired this. Contrary to what people think, it wasn’t about a relationship or anything along those lines.

Bethel: You have a track featured on the Black Panther – Wakanda Forever soundtrack, which you co-produced with Ludwig. What was that experience like?

Bloody Civilian: It was very exciting. I got to work with someone who’s scored all the big movies I know, so it was just a learning experience overall.

Photography credit : Ruby Okoro

Bethel: You have a deep musical background, but you’re currently considered a breakthrough artist. What would you say has been the highlight of this journey so far?

Bloody Civilian: The highlight of this entire journey for me, is discovering new people and literally building a fan base that I feel I would really love to actually hang out with – they are all unique types of people. You know with the kind of music I make – I’ve always been curious what kinds of people would listen to it because I know it’s not common, the topics are usually not common. I was just really curious of the kinds of people, and I’m not too far away from what I had even predicted. I feel like everyone is quite special in their own way, recreating my music in different ways with content. Overall, it’s just been the highlights and everything for me.

Bethel: Yeah, I’ve noticed on your Instagram that you had a short series of beats that you shared, and your fan base and other artists would jump on. Is that something you would do more of in the future?

Bloody Civilian: Yes, definitely. I feel like being an artist isn’t just about lyrics and songs and rollouts, for me it’s about the creation of anything that’s like sonic. Instrumental music is something that I listen to a lot and that’s also something that I’m into, just creating like instrumentals that without lyrics are saying something on their own.

Bethel: How would you describe your sound?

Bloody Civilian: I would say that I just experiment and I am also deeply inspired by African music; old and new. So yeah, that’s what I would use to define my sound, if I had to.

You can listen to her ‘Anger Management’ EP below!

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