Is Black Mirror’s new cast taking the show to better Twists & Turns?

Is Black Mirror’s new cast taking the show to better Twists & Turns?

The gripping anthology series known for its thought-provoking and dystopian tales, Black Mirror, has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of technology and human nature since 2011. As the highly anticipated Season 6 returns, GUAP sat down with it leading stars about taking on their roles and stepping into the Black Mirror Universe.

Starring Anjana Vasan and Paapa Essiedu, Demon ‘79 is a story of friendship between demon Gaap and sales assistant Nida, the latter, who is forced to pick between killing three people or risk sending the apocalypse to the rest of the world. Set in 1979, Northern England, the two embark on a journey filled with violence, intrusive thoughts, and disco pants.

‘Loch Henry’ features Samuel Blenkin and Myha’la Herrold as a young couple who head to a Scottish village to work on a nature documentary, only to end up exposing a true crime mystery that’s plagued the rural town for decades. Dealing with grief, betrayal & pain for profit, the episode is a window into the behind-the-scenes of the beloved actual crime world. It shines a light on the real-life tragedies we consume for entertainment. GUAP spoke to Samuel and Myha’la about tapping into the boundless imagination of the Black Mirror world and what goes into preparing for such hefty roles.

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