New Streetwear Collab: H&M X Rich Mnisi

New Streetwear Collab: H&M X Rich Mnisi

Ahead of the onset of the South African winter, acclaimed designer Rich Mnisi and global retail giant H&M have come together to create a gender-neutral collection that promises to be a wardrobe game-changer for the coming season.

Founded in 2015, the Rich Mnisi brand was born from the designer’s profound desire to connect with his Tsonga culture and heritage, expressing it through compelling art and fashion. His journey as a designer, filled with growth and creativity, is artfully showcased in this exclusive collection with H&M. “Life and work move so fast that it’s hard to stop and celebrate where we’ve been sometimes,” Mnisi reflects. “So this partnership with H&M has been a way for us to do just that — celebrating our day ones.”

Set to launch on July 27, the gender-neutral collection is an ode to the essence of South African winters, although it transcends seasons with its timeless appeal. High-quality basics like T-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies take centre stage, boasting relaxed and oversized fits for a comfortable and effortless look. The colour palette captures warm seasonal shades of brown, orange, and beige, as well as the classic allure of black and grey mélange. These versatile pieces are designed to be layered, giving fashion enthusiasts the creative freedom to craft their unique styles.

What truly makes this collection a standout is the bold and eye-catching illustrations that adorn each garment. A total of 24 different illustrations, designed by Mnisi himself, grace the pieces, each one telling a unique story of the brand’s growth and journey. The H&M and Rich Mnisi collection not only embodies Rich Mnisi’s vision as a designer but also embraces sustainability wholeheartedly.

At the heart of this collaboration, lies eco-consciousness. With a focus on more sustainably sourced materials. The collection features 100% in-conversion cotton, supporting farmers transitioning to organic farming methods. This commitment to sustainable fashion aligns seamlessly with H&M’s long-standing business concept of offering fashion and quality at the best price, without compromising on ethical practices.

With prices ranging from R249 to R529, the collection offers a stylish, cosy, and affordable wardrobe update for fashion enthusiasts who wish to make a bold statement while being mindful of the environment.

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