Mous Lamrabat x WhatsApp There’s No One Like Us Campaign [@mouslamrabat] [@whatsapp]

Mous Lamrabat x WhatsApp There’s No One Like Us Campaign [@mouslamrabat] [@whatsapp]

WhatsApp has been a cornerstone of diasporas since its inception. With over 2 billion users, the app easily connects people worldwide, regardless of age, location, accessibility, bandwidth, or literacy

To celebrate the cross-cultural communities WhatsApp has created and fostered, the tech giant collaborated with photographer Mous Lamrabat. Born in Morocco and raised in Belgium, as a child of the diaspora himself, Lamrabat’s work explores belonging and identity.  

In his collaboration with WhatsApp, “There’s No One Like Us,” the photographer traveled to Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, and India to capture intimate portraits and interviews that dive into the complexities of cross-cultural identities and the real meaning of home. Lamrabat’s images speak to cultural, community, and communication nuances through styling that meshes cultural and contemporary pieces. 

Last month, the campaign was on view at the Tab Centre in London, a historic community center serving youth, families, and asylum seekers. In Lamrabat’s own words, the campaign reminds us “how small the world is” and “catches the unique differences [across cultures] to bring people back home.

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