In Case You Missed It: Destin Conrad’s Three Day London Tour [@destinCONRAD]

In Case You Missed It: Destin Conrad’s Three Day London Tour [@destinCONRAD]

Destin Conrad is high in demand. Not one, not two but three sold out dates in London back in May. His silky smooth R&B vocals and charming stage presence allowed him to connect with the crowd effortlessly, his voice harmonising with theirs like a choir. Warming up the crowd, Sasha Keable absolutely killed her opening slot. Her heartfelt, deep tone combined with her raw, emotional lyrics had the crowd in their feels and singing along.

His pulsating entrance onto the stage involved a beat mimicking a heartbeat and building suspense in the process, he begins with ‘IT’S YOURS’. His voice is smooth like satin, just like his appropriately named EP. Smoke emerges as the crowd cheerily sings along to ‘ON 10’. When he performs his collab with Kiana Ledé, he lets the crowd sing ‘UNPREDICTABLE’ into the mic, creating a nice back and fourth.

Photography by Kat Friar

Performing ‘DOWN BAD’ with as much passion as there is vengeance, you can hear the feelings of being done dirty take over his voice. At one point during the night he took a shot on stage and then mentioned how the song he was going to perform next was one of his mother’s favourites and that as he’s of Jamaican heritage, Wayne Wonder’s ‘No Letting Go’ is engraved into his DNA. The production on his rendition feels more ambient than the original, as Destin’s vocals glide over it – melting together with the audience singing along.

He introduced ‘BILL$’ with an anecdote about how he was taken advantage of – spending money on a man he liked while he was broke, ultimately birthing the song. The upbeat ‘SWITCH’ sees the lights flashing, the crowd whining their waist and one fan even cocks their leg up on stage as Destin cheers her on. ‘IN THE AIR’ has the whole crowd singing every word and adlib, while he pours his heart out. His adoring fans give him their phones as he takes them and sings into the camera.

Truly one of R&B’s finest, from Vine star to R&B icon – Destin’s charisma and vocal ability is making sure each fan that sold out those dates is getting their money’s worth, and then some.

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