[@LivLovelle] is Asking ‘Do You Get It’ on Her New Track

[@LivLovelle] is Asking ‘Do You Get It’ on Her New Track

London singer ‘Liv Lovelle’ is here to make a mark in 2019 with the release of her new single ‘Do You Get It’.

She’s back, ready to show off her talents and is taking the pop world by storm with another stellar release. The single is a return to the South London artists’ pop roots, perfectly encapsulating her smoky vocals and elegant soulful melodies.

Speaking about the track she says: “It’s about just being completely lost within your feelings for someone. Wanting someone to just want you and realise what they have right in front of them. But not in a needy way. More in the way that I know my worth and you should see what you’re missing out on.”

“It’s about someone being so close to feeling complete, but having that one last step that makes you hesitant of truly committing. But it works out in the end, he’ll wise up eventually. This year is about releasing my music! I want the world to hear what I’ve been working on. I’m excited to start touring because performing is where my music really comes to life.”

Determined not to be pigeon-holed, Liv has deftly absorbed the classic influences of her family’s record collection, be it 1960s Motown, 70s soul or 90s R&B. From that melting pot Liv has conjured a sound that transcends genres and eras. Delicately forming her own futuristic pop style.

‘Do You Get It’ provides an air of class and sophistication prominent in all of her releases and is the most powerful indication yet of her potential career arc. She is set to release her debut EP this year with news of first live shows to be announced soon.

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