[@Che_Lingo] Drops RnB EP Entitled ‘Sensitive’

[@Che_Lingo] Drops RnB EP Entitled ‘Sensitive’

An artist on the rise and soon to become a star is Ché Lingo. He dropped a 5 track EP entitled ‘Sensitive‘ earlier last week, which consists of a mixture between RnB, Soul and Hip-Hop, all blended neatly into one. The artist has been making noise for the Soul/RnB UK scene for some time now, and this EP proves why there is room for the multi genre artist to prosper.

Born in South West London, rapper Ché has had a great start to the year. He was featured in NME’s top 100 and also alongside this achievement, he is performing as a support act for the band, ‘Easy Life’, as part of their tour – they will be performing across venues in London, Manchester, Southampton, Nottingham & Leicester  – You can find tickets here: https://www.easylifemusic.com 

By dropping the EP with Noisey, Ché did himself justice and got the recognition he deserved, giving him that push for the rest of the year. ‘Be Careful’ is a standout track on the EP, as it has a tropical sound, making the song bouncy and a track which you can rock to. Ché plays around with his vocals, adding a distorted sound to them throughout the track which gives the song an edge.

After dropping visuals for ‘Circles‘ in November 2018, we can only hope to see some music videos from the ‘Sensitive’ EP very soon – as then we will be able to understand and see through his vision.