Le Merj blares “A New Sound” for their SS23 collection

Le Merj blares “A New Sound” for their SS23 collection

Le Merj is back booming with the vibrations of youth attitude & creativity, via their latest collection A New Sound.

The brand’s latest Spring Summer ‘23 installment has again unlocked a new level of fresh design. The new pieces play with much more daring silhouettes, edgy use of denim & other European-sourced textiles. Not just that: all looks have been finished off with layering, distressed cuts and jewelled studs.

Sound it! : Le Merj taps in to the youthful spirit with this studded LM studded hoodie and studded cargos.

When we first interviewed Manchester based architecture-grad Emmanuel back in 2021 about his tastemaking Le Merj designs, we knew he was in the process of ripping a new wave of well thought-out pieces. Pieces that go beyond copy & paste print-on-tees, and force the culture to try new things. By slowly becoming a desired brand by ballers like NBA’s Jordan Clarkson & Watford’s Tom Dele, Le Merj helped push the fashion landscape out of the common name brands and into individual style, “couture flamboyance”, real design IQ and homegrown talent. Plus, fair prices! This was all whilst Emmanuel designed chairs, candles and statement interior pieces too.

Now in 2023, we see many brands trying their hand at this youthful, rockstar-cowboy vibe and brand DNA, from Jaded and others we won’t even mention…

The “dirty denim tat co-ord” with studded boots to match takes the prize for top-tier design in this “New Sound” collection!

Women will for sure spot the main attraction of the New Sound collection: the distressed & treated dirty denim tat co-ord that features a cropped, corset-type bralet and skirt. Don’t forget the studded boots to match. Or, the asymmetric tat top: a ruched and off-the-shoulder number that tastefully pays homage to Vivienne Westwood’s vibe &  sensibilities.

Youngest in Command: One of the collections highlights includes the studded “varsity” jacket and militant commander-style cap and scarf

As for the mandem, be sure to check the layered garcon riché aka rich kid top: a skateboy inspired long-sleeve under a short-sleeve, with a washed out look and traditional cross logo. Other noteworthy pieces include the oversized cargos, camo jorts layered over ripped denim and the studded varsity jacket. Top that off with the olive green militant scarf and cap, that Emmanuel is known to even wear himself. 

Trust Le Merj to elevate a gilet vest like this!

The collection, which launched May 31st is available at https://www.lemerj.com/. What do you think?