Knucks Talks Community, Alpha Place and Inspiration in 2 Part Documentary ‘Knuckles’

Knucks Talks Community, Alpha Place and Inspiration in 2 Part Documentary ‘Knuckles’

Knucks 2022 project Alpha Place launched the artist into a whole different sphere in the UK’s musical landscape. The King of ‘Chill UK Rap’ returned 2 years after ‘London Class’ with 13 tracks of authentic storytelling, effortless flows and beautifully curated features from some of the UK’s finest. 7 Months and a Mobo nomination later, Knucks is back with an accompanying 2 part documentary told through voices of his friends, family and collaborators. ‘Knuckles’ – directed by Lauren Luxenberg and Alfie Barker – explores Knucks’ earliest musical influences, upbringing and trajectory in the music industry, dissecting the artist’s journey through the lens of his younger and present self.  

Laced with gems and anecdotes on family, friendship and community, the short doc highlights the artist’s unwavering authenticity and intentionality from the beginning of his career and where these characteristics stemmed from. From the ‘ego-death’ he experiences after being sent to Nigeria as a teen, the exploration of his place within his community at home, and how he wants to take these stories and experiences to inspire others – it’ a well rounded and fresh perspective on the powerful soul behind the voice. 

The North West Londoners storytelling nature lends itself perfectly to the structure of the film as his lyrics weave seamlessly between shots aiding the narrative beautifully. And it’s no surprise when you learn that the documentary was always a part of the plan and in conversation a whole year before Alpha House was ever released to the world. On working with Knucks, director Lauren Luxenberg said ‘He’s a complete visionary and incredibly considerate with everything he feeds back and the ideas he communicates. He’s got a real eye for film and his storytelling nature really lent itself well to the film and narrative.” 

It’s the perfect introduction to Knucks, Alpha House and what’s to come. Watch the Two Part Documentary below.