Introducing GUAP’s New Fashion Talk Show ONPOINT

Introducing GUAP’s New Fashion Talk Show ONPOINT

ONPOINT is GUAP’s new fashion talk show featuring a group of four fashion enthusiasts and professionals discussing events and style trends à la mode.

The first episode aired last night and the topics of discussion was how the pandemic affected our style, where to find style inspiration online, and how TikTok is influencing fashion trends. In the final segment, ONPOINT, our hosts rated a few of the best and worst outfits seen at Coachella.

Meet our unique hosts and watch episode one below if you missed it!

Age: 24
From: East London
Fun fact: I crashed a quad bike into the back of an elephant cage in Thailand.

Age: 24
From: Manchester
Fun fact: My first job was in a chippy and I used to ride home on my bike whilst eating chips and gravy no handed. People used to stop in their cars and take pics. Was a chip shop legend.

Age: 22
From: South East London
Fun fact: I’m one of the only living people with my first name.

Age: 32
From: South London
Fun fact: You can call me Metafari but my real name is Tafari, my dad gave me the name which comes from RasTafari, King of Ethiopia.

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