H&M And Ingka Group Launch New Retail Store Atelier100 Featuring Local Design Talent

H&M And Ingka Group Launch New Retail Store Atelier100 Featuring Local Design Talent

Based in Livat shopping centre in Hammersmith, situated in the middle of H&M and Ikea, is Atelier100, a retail store focused on amplifying local design talent.

The store is bright without being overwhelming, fresh and welcoming with an interior style the designers say they wanted to represent London’s spirit. The interior makes use of recycled materials, such as lightboxes, from Topshop’s former flagship store, which was purchased by IKEA in October 2021. Inside, locally sourced products are showcased by designers, makers and creatives living and working within 100km of Central London. The motivation behind Atelier100’s approach is to build a genuine community around design talent and establish a creative hub. This hyper-local approach feels like a time bygone when everything was made locally whilst simultaneously modern in today’s context.

Marcus Engman, Chief Creative Officer at Ingka Group and Camilla Henriksson, Global Brand Manager at H&M.

Camilla Henriksson, Global Brand Manager at H&M said, “I am thrilled to be here and to meet in person the creatives that we will be working closely with in the coming months. This is just the beginning of the journey for Atelier100. We look forward to seeing the impact this pilot has on the London design community.”

The first local creatives have now been chosen and are in the process of bringing their products to life through the unique Atelier100 funding and mentorship programme. The aim is for the space to begin selling these newly-designed local products from autumn 2022. In the meantime, the shop will showcase a range of products designed and manufactured by London-based creatives.

When I ask Camilla Henriksson what their measure of success for Atelier100 will be, she answers, “We want to start slow, to do it within a smaller scale to make it successful. I think it’s all depending on the creatives, the outcome of the programme, and the feedback from them, how well the programme is functioning, with the mentorship, with finding the right producer, or the right materials, that is the main measurement of success.”

Atelier100 is open today for browsing at Livat, Hammersmith.

Atelier100 brands: Inour
Atelier100 brands: Timna Weber
Atelier100 brands: GUM LDN

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