Hillarynx Releases Powerful Nu-Jazz Ballad Examining Human Suffering

Hillarynx Releases Powerful Nu-Jazz Ballad Examining Human Suffering

Renowned for her dynamic tone, Hillarynx and her band are set to release a spellbinding composition that delves deep into the nature of human suffering called “the 3rd” (Preview). The nu-jazz ballad centres around the poignant question, “Why must we suffer, from one another?” and invites listeners to confront and reflect on the harsh realities of our world.

As we navigate a political climate marred by genocide and a relentless cost of living crisis, the latest track serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive suffering that renders human life seemingly disposable.  Challenging the philosophical musings of Thomas Hobbes, who described human nature as “nasty, brutish, and short” necessitating state control, Hillarynx pushes the conversation further by questioning the role of state policies that fund such atrocities.

In October 2023, while commuting on the Victoria line, Hillarynx found herself overwhelmed by the bustling city life and the distressing news of suffering from Gaza to the UK. A politics graduate accustomed to intellectualising her emotions, she chose instead to channel her grief and collective sorrow into music.

This new release promises to encourage listeners to critically examine their beliefs about human nature and the origins of suffering. The lyrics of the ballad vividly capture the intricate connections between our political landscape and interpersonal relationships. Hillarynx’s multi-tonal vocals convey powerful rage and highlight code-switching as a survival tool in today’s world. Hillarynx’s unique ability to blend intellectual depth with emotional rawness makes this nu-jazz ballad a compelling and thought-provoking addition to the contemporary music scene.