GUAP Gala 2023 Best Dressed: and the winner is…

GUAP Gala 2023 Best Dressed: and the winner is…

Cosmic Dreams was the theme of this year’s Guap gala and once again the guests proved why they’re some of the best in the creative scene by using fashion to share their interpretation of the theme. After an amazing night filled with performances, great food and drinks at the iconic Natural History museum and an even better after party; the GUAP team were tasked with whittling the list down to 10 people out of over 400 attendees.

The 10 best dressed were then put to you to vote via social media and over 700 of you cast votes. We are pleased to announce that international celebrity makeup artist Lake Sanu is the winner.

GUAP Gala 2023 Best Dressed winner Lake Sanu in House of Alvin, photograph by @narcography

Known for making up some of the biggest names in music, fashion and entertainment such as Leomie Anderson, Winnie Harlow and Bellah; Sanu proved that she’s not a one trick pony with this look. The ethereal, unique and stunning dress by House of Alvin; Sanu’s look was the clear winner with a landslide victory.

GUAP Gala 2023 Best Dressed winner Lake Sanu in House of Alvin, styled by Gelmira Manico, makeup by Lake Sanu, nails by The Nail Artiste; photos by Narcography

Alongside bragging rights Sanu will also be receiving a £1000 prize. This cash prize has been in place since the first Guap Gala as an extra incentive to encourage people to go all out and participate in the theme. GUAP co-founder Jide Adetunji shared “The theme of each year’s GUAP gala means a lot to us, and we love that people go all out dressing to the theme each year. We have this £1000 prize to reward and encourage people that pull out all the stops. Also, GUAP is all about creativity in all its forms. So if we are going to encourage this anywhere, it will be at the event we host to celebrate creatives.”

That’s exactly what Sanu did. Styled by Gelmira Manico and photographed ahead of the event by Narcography this was a true collaboration of soon to be household names. Watch this space as you’re definitely going to see more from all involved.

GUAP Gala 2023 Best Dressed winner Lake Sanu pictured with stylist Gelmira Manico and House of Alvin fashion designers; photo by Narcography

Thanks to everyone for getting involved in the theme, putting in more effort than last year. Can’t wait to see how you all top this next year. What theme would you like to see for the GUAP Gala 2024? Tweet us @guapmag and let us know.