Gosse Au Coeur’s fourth collection celebrates the beauty of life

Gosse Au Coeur’s fourth collection celebrates the beauty of life

For Spring Summer ‘23, Gosse Au Coeur is taking us back to the bliss and simple “pleasure” of childhood with the latest “Life is Beautiful” drop. With this fourth collection, the clean and humble luxury streetwear brand sticks to its youthful guns, but still shows serious signs of growth and improvement.

My imagination is Everything” hoodie is a testament to Gosse Au Couer designer Benjamin Kyei’s design approach.

Gosse’s latest supply of boxy tees and hoodies maintain the brand’s classy, monochromatic DNA. It continues it’s signature, refined style that founder Benjamin Kyei impressively developed via his own perspective & journey with colorblindness. “My imagination is everything” one hoodie print reads; and that much is true especially when it comes to Kyei’s design approach. As seen in this newest collection, he aims to bring thought-provoking creativity out of the weary dullness and negativity that life sometimes offers. Who else do you know turning wash care label instructions & symbols into design graphics? Benjamin even stretches the imagination further & goes ultra nostalgic with the lookbook, showcasing the styles against the backdrop of classic red children’s bikes and teddy bears.  

Growth without growing out of style: Gosse’s Collection 4 takes designs to a new level but still keeps to the youthful vibe

The styles introduce new print effects, fly fonts that take inspiration from previous decades, and introduction of new messages on each garment. A hint of color comes from the long orange drawstrings on the slightly flared track pants and wide shorts. The pants would drop well with or without the matching zip hoodie – another statement piece on it’s own.

They go together, but still fire on their own: This zipped hoodie and these slightly flared track pants go together but m

The collection also reignites the brand’s continual dabble with French culture: from art, lingo, Parisian street style and even architecture. Gosse au Coeur even means “kid at heart”. Collection 4 takes the french flex up a level with “la vie est belle” or “life is beautiful” on tees. 

No doubt these fits on offer are for the “cool kids” or those that aspire to be. The kids that confidently chill by the bar, that take their time around an art gallery, and know every decent spot in Central that isn’t on Tik Tok yet. The ones that don’t need to impress but still do.

If you’re reading this, you probably are that cool kid & it’s not too late to invest in a Gosse Au Couer Collection 4 piece. Sign up here to receive the site password, as looks will available for pre-order real soon.