FNOTN: Nella Rose takes on fashion design, Missguided owes suppliers money, and more.

FNOTN: Nella Rose takes on fashion design, Missguided owes suppliers money, and more.

Daily Paper x Dr Dre

In their first collaboration, the Amsterdam based brand has connected with Beats by Dre to recreate the Studio Buds.

Reworking the matte black design, Daily Paper have put their spin on the design, giving it a 90’s hip hop feel with red graffiti featuring the Daily Paper logo.

To launch the collaboration, they released a film which follows Unknown T and his journey as an artist, bridging the two worlds of music and fashion.

Meet KHAISA, the Body Positive, Socially Conscious Accessories Brand

Exclusive designs crafted with elegance encapsulates KHAISA as a brand. Created during the pandemic, they’re all about empowerment, resilience, beauty and class, with a focus on celebrating special occasions.

If you’re looking for timeless pieces and affordable luxury, KHAISA is for you.

Nella Rose x Pretty Little Thing

After being announced as the new host of Catfish UK, Nella Rose shared on Instagram that she is collaborating with Pretty Little Thing on a new collection.

This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has tried her hand at designing. In 2020 Nella Rose founded Faces London, a unisex streetwear brand that last released clothing in March 2021. 

Launching on June 6th, the collection will feature summer pieces from sizes 4-30, like matching sets, bikinis and dresses.

Kerlerone Vinder is The Streetwear Brand Fighting Back Against Mass Entrepreneurship in Fashion

Founded by 20-year-old Chuka Okonjo, Kerlerone Vinder is the high fashion streetwear brand you need to know. Having just dropped its first official collection, “The Kampaign”, the brand is all about storytelling through fashion. As a videographer and editor who’s worked with names like Mowalola and Off White, this is an area Chuka knows well.

Their tagline encourages customers to wear their pieces and “show the world the power of you, the power of us”.

RIP to Missguided?

The fast-fashion giant isn’t new to controversy. They have been accused of selling plastic clothes and exploitative working conditions. This time, the controversy might cost them.

A petition was issued against them by clothing suppliers to whom they owe millions of pounds in payment. Representatives of Missguided have said the brand is working urgently to address the issues. It is rumoured they have brought in specialists to dissolve the company.


It looks like there’ll be one less fast fashion brand to binge shop from. 

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