DLT Malta Returns 2023! Here’s everything you need to know

DLT Malta Returns 2023! Here’s everything you need to know

Days Like This (DLT) Brunch returns to Malta this May, 2023 and we are dddyiinnngggffoorrrittttt! Last years DLT Malta was absolutely incredible, a small sunny island that I never had any intention of visiting, became home to some of my favourite living memories. For those who missed out you’re definitely in for a treat as the sunny and sexy part-ival is back this year and while we await the much anticipated line up announcement here’s a quick overview on how to prepare!

For all of us blessed and highly favoured children of God who were at DLT Malta last year – hello brethren and sistren, 2023 we go again! For all of you who missed out for one reason or the other, you can refer back to my DLT Malta review from last year for passionate details on all the ways you lacked. It really is a thorough guide on what to expect and the pitfalls to avoid. However, for anyone who suffers from severe FOMO, perhaps avoid reading it, as the intimate and vivid descriptions of how much we enjoyed may leave you triggered and trembling x

With that being said, here’s a quick overview and pit stop guide with all my top tips on how to prepare for this year.


Essentially, DLT Malta is a 4-day extravaganza that lies somewhere in between an intimate festival and massive party. Last year, we saw epic performances from Dancehall star Shenseea, Grammy award-winning artist KAYTRANADA, rising superstar Rema and global phenomenon Wizkid amongst a whole host of UK and international talent including Benjiflow, Lojay and more! Partival aside, the beauty of DLT Malta is that the island itself is so picturesque and peaceful with yummy restaurants and gorgeous weather.

Now for my top tips, that no one asked for but that i’m going to share anyway, enjoy!

Tip 1. Good Vibes Only

On behalf of the esteemed graduates of DLT Malta Class of 22, if you are joining us for the first time this year, and you know that you or your friends are slightly unhinged, especially when intoxicated…now is the time to enter emotional regulation and realignment training. I don’t want a whiff of the UK’s notorious bad vibes on this trip. Not a single fwume.

Last year, we pranced around in our bikinis and bum-bum shorts without a care in the world and we intend to do the same this year. Look at the smile on this guy’s face, heavenly.

Tip 2. Organise

By now you guys should have already set up your group chats, saving pots and annual leave requests. Not yet? Stop dulling. In the words of Asake, pls, Organise. With tickets yet to be released, hotel packages yet to be booked, and the many gorgeous Maltese restaurants you’re yet to try, don’t let the cost of living crisis cause a cost of enjoyment crisis. Sorry, tenq

Tip 3. Flights not feelings

If you haven’t booked your flights already, stop dulling. You already have the dates 31st May – 4th June, what are you waiting for! With 4,000 people expected to be in attendance do you soft life merchants want to carry last and end up taking two stopover flights for what should be a 3-hour journey? To book ahead is to book the best.

Another secret tip: if you can, try and give yourself extra days to settle in and settle out. This is not the kind of trip you wanna jump straight from the plane to the party, and vice versa. Relazz, take it easy, body no be firewood

Tip 3. Your best you

This tip is open to interpretation. I said last year that there’s no such thing as a Malta body, all that matters is that you feel good, sexy, and confident. That being said, me personally I know I’m going with the intention to make my old tings head spin, so gym mi ah gym.

Cheeks aside, I’ve already got my ideal hairstyles and wardrobe style figured out, will I be sexy and sultry, or mystical and mysterious?? Who knows, but whatever you decide, don’t let scramble purchasing and failed next-day deliveries catch you unaware.

Tip 4. Sing along crew

By April the lineup should have been released and so you have two months to learn every single song that the artists could potentially play. You think I’m joking, but I’m being dead serious. How can you enjoy the best if you don’t prepare the best? HOW SWAY? Last year was a massive karaoke fest, and every song, every line, every adlib that I knew, genuinely brought me closer to my higher self. Wod

Tip 5. Malta has it all

If all your holiday prep goes out the window, and all you’ve got are your tickets and flights, rest assured that Malta has it all. From nail techs and wax specialists to legal highs and good vibes.

With that being said, we hope to see you at DLT Malta, May 2023. If not, I’m charging £10 if you want to be added to my close friends list, perks include: front row access to all the vibes, sneaky tabs on your sneaky link, whine watch and more x (JK) Be there or be a squared.

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