District9 returns this October with new and exciting talent

District9 returns this October with new and exciting talent

Rebranded as District9, London’s ultimate streetwear market is back this October with a bang. Founded by Stray and Chelsea, District9 provides a haven for like-minded creatives to unite, network, shop and discover emerging artists and new brands within the streetwear scene. 

Stray: District9 is a utopia! It’s a full-day experience. For some, it’s a creative outlet; for others, it’s a chance to discover something new. There’s so much creativity and talent out there that deserves to be recognised, and we want just to connect that with others.

Motivated by their personal experiences, struggles, and reflections on the industry. Both Stray and Chelsea who have upcoming brands understood the difficulty of attaining connections and opportunities and because of this were keen to help fellow creatives combat some of the obstacles within the creative scene. 

With a passion for building a creative space within London where fashion, music, and other creative disciplines could come together to connect and network, District9 was born.

The next event will be held on the 28th of October and if you can make it, you can expect to experience a unique pop-shops, DJ battles with great supporting acts as well as both founders hosting an after-party event for the very first time. 

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