Debbie, the soulful South London star, has the world falling in love with her “raw, layered melodies” and vulnerable lyricism. She’s gone from singing at open mic nights to currently being signed to 0207 Def Jam and even co-writing songs with Stormzy for his latest album, This Is What I Mean. Debbie is refreshingly honest, with an emotion-invoking voice that gets you lost in the beautiful lyrics she writes. The South London songstress is here to make her mark.

Debbie started off studying finance at university until it dawned on her just how much she missed music. She started participating in open mic nights and any opportunities that came her way, leading to her manager discovering her and pushing her out into the world. Debbie released her debut single ‘Is This Real Love?’ on the 16th of November 2021, gaining rapid traction on social media at the time, as the song talks about people’s perception of love on social media and the warped definition behind it. The magazines say, “This is how lovers are supposed to be” so “Is this real love?”.

Then just three weeks later, she released her second single, ‘Summer In December’ on the 8th of December 2021—a song that will have you thinking about a love that you want to keep close to your heart. A song that will have you wrapped up in Debbie’s stunning vocals as she sweetly sings about the sentiments of love. Her later singles ‘Stay’ and ‘All Night Long’ show the conflicting sides of love and the emotional wear and restraints it can have on your heart as she passionately sings out, “Do you hear me, do you have to leave my side?” with the fight still in her voice.

Singles ‘Cherry Wine’ and ‘Cousin’s Car ft BERWYN’ show off the different layers of Debbie’s voice as she brings listeners into the deep thoughts of her mind, from her awkwardness to her needed escapism. Her latest single, ‘No Way’ released on the 12th of July 2023, shows off her stunning angelic vocals as she realises the worth of her “one of a kind” love, accompanied by a fun visualiser.

South London singer-songwriter, Debbie, is a special talent with a voice that you can’t help but take notice of, with this only being the beginning of her bright and successful career.

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