ARK/8’s New Collection is a Perfect Blend of Style and Gaming Culture

ARK/8’s New Collection is a Perfect Blend of Style and Gaming Culture

In the boundless realm where gaming, sci-fi, and pop culture collide, ARK/8 emerges as a dynamic fusion and celebration of the infinite universes we enjoy exploring. This vibrant synergy manifests in their clothing, a tangible extension of creativity and fervor, encapsulating the diverse energies of the worlds they love. In a conversation with Dimitri, the creative force behind ARK/8, we diagnose the meaning and origins of a brand at the intersection of high-fashion and digital exploration.

ARk/8’s uniqueness lies in its meta approach to collections, blending influences from the digital realm such as gaming, anime, pop culture, and more. This ethos defines them and sets them apart, similarly to how Supreme is brought to life by the skate and street cultures that influence their garments. ARK/8 is moulded by the expansive digital entertainment landscape, resulting in streetwear that resonates with a broader audience beyond gaming enthusiasts.

The fans are part of the audience for Ark/8 as well, but it’s in more subtle references. I guess there’s something a little bit more meta about how we approach the collections.

ARK/8’s latest collection, titled The Lands Between, is inspired by Elden Ring. It represents a pivotal moment in ARK/8’s evolution. Meticulously crafted sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, and outerwear showcase a fashion-forward lineup. The quality surpasses previous endeavors, marking a departure from traditional merchandise to high-end, streetwear-rooted clothing with the same gaming and pop culture influences.

Every collaboration is born out of a genuine love for the games and franchises they delve into. The goal is not just to cater to gaming fans but to create universally appealing pieces. Dimitri emphasizes the selfishness in wanting to craft items he would personally love, just as he loves the media they portray, ensuring authenticity in every collection.

So we’re very passionate. Every single project is not based on a PowerPoint or a business decision. It’s mostly, okay, what do we love the most? And let’s try to do a collab with that. And I think this is automatically, I guess, a good sort of starting point for us to be able to find the right references.

The design process unfolds like a deep dive into the game. Playing hundreds of hours, exploring, and discovering nuances, they seek to capture the essence of the game. The design approach involves creating mood boards, isolating overarching themes, and infusing them into the fabric of the collection.

For Dimitri, the Lands Between Collection is a testament to his admiration for FromSoftware’s work. Elden Ring, with its challenge, mystery, and cultural impact, became the natural choice for their latest launch. As they continue to navigate the infinite worlds of gaming and beyond, ARK/8 invites us to go beyond the game and wear our worlds.

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