Ama Lou’s debut album, I Came Home Late, is beautifully structured with moments of sheer transparency and vulnerability from her, with the melodic beats only adding to the thoughtfulness of it. From the stripped-back songs to the meticulous beat production, I Came Home Late—the fifteen-track debut album—is Ama Lou being more honest than ever as she bares her heart open for listeners.

The opening song ‘Caught Me Running’ is only the start of Ama Lou’s emotional transparency throughout the album, as she lets listeners know that she’s “tired but hides it well” with emotions ready to spill. ‘Car Parts’ starts with an old recording of Ama Lou as she expresses feelings of isolation and the grappling feeling of wanting to let her guard down and show all of her. ‘Played Me,’ the fifth song on the album, has Ama Lou calling out someone who’s been playing with her feelings as the beat seamlessly transitions into something you wouldn’t expect for the last minute of the song.

We’re only five songs in, and each song brings listeners closer and closer to understanding the intricate emotions of Ama Lou as ‘Frustrated’ sees her being mad at herself for giving away so much of her trust to someone who never saved a time and place for her: “I’m ashamed that I’m burnt out.” The beat and catchy chorus of ‘Range 95’, “Yes, I brought my ride, it’s a range 95”, will have you instantly singing along as Ama Lou once again shows off the versatility of her sound and voice as it seamlessly blends into track ten, ‘YKWYA’.

The last two songs, ‘Be Well’ and ‘I Came Home Late’, feel like the end of a real reflective journey for listeners, as Ama Lou yet again puts her emotions out on the forefront for everyone to take in. ‘Be Well’ is love and trust wrapped up in a song as she sweetly sings “You know that first look you gave me stayed in the back of my mind.” You can’t help but smile at it as you reminisce on that feeling. It’s love that gives her the safety to be vulnerable. ‘I Came Home Late,’ the last song, beautifully wraps up the honesty that Ama Lou gives throughout the album. I Came Home Late, is Ama Lou being vulnerable in a way you’ve never heard from her before. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below.

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