A Look Inside This Year’s Homecoming Festival in Lagos

A Look Inside This Year’s Homecoming Festival in Lagos

Last weekend Lagos was buzzing with excitement as fashion enthusiasts flocked to Homecoming, a three-day cultural festival that has become a highlight on Nigeria’s creative calendar. Homecoming, founded in 2017 by Grace Ladoja MBE, draws connections across fashion, music, and art, and has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for the creative community in Nigeria and beyond.

Alara, the concept store that hosted the festival, was surrounded by crowds of fashion-forward creatives, all dressed to impress and eager to participate in the festivities. The streets leading to the venue were filled with some of the city’s most stylish individuals, showcasing their unique fashion sense and embodying the spirit of Lagos as one of Africa’s fashion capitals.

Many festival-goers chose to embrace the casual cool style of the alté subculture in Nigeria, dressing in comfortable yet trendy pieces such as cargo pants, and T-shirts, and accessorizing with unique pieces that reflected their personal styles. The fashion at Homecoming was a testament to the creativity and individuality of the Nigerian fashion scene, with attendees effortlessly blending traditional and contemporary styles to create looks that were both fashionable and culturally relevant.

Oyinkan Dada and attendees at the Homecoming Art Tour

In addition to fashion, Homecoming featured a range of art shows, panel discussions, and fashion pop-ups, providing a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded individuals. The festival’s ability to bring together the creative community in Nigeria and the diaspora goes to show the power of art and culture in bridging divides and creating meaningful connections. Homecoming has undoubtedly cemented its place as a must-attend event for anyone interested in the intersection of fashion, music, and art in Africa.

Below, get the rundown of all the interesting sights as well as style inspiration from the crowd at this year’s Homecoming festival.

A tonal look with a play on textures, photographed by Tobi Loke
African streetwear brands make a statement at Homecoming, photographed by Ibrahim Adewole
Founder of Topicals, Olamide Olowe and festival goer, photographed by Ibrahim Adewole
A stylish duo photographed by Ibrahim Adewole
homecoming festival attendee
DIY tops and beauty, photographed by Wamia Luko
Barbie-core influences ruled the streetsyle sets, photographed by Wamia Luko