A look at the Ferragamo Pre-Fall 23 Collection

A look at the Ferragamo Pre-Fall 23 Collection

With a new name and a new creative director, Ferragamo reintroduced themselves in September with their SS23 collection. Once the go to brand for young VIPs, Maximilian Davis’ SS23 debut at Ferragamo conjured up fantasies of luxury getaways but without their traditionally conservative aesthetic. Now, in their Pre-Fall 23 collection, this conversation continues as Davis reaffirms his commitment to the brand’s Hollywood-glamour roots.

Salvatore Ferragamo was originally known as an expert womens shoe maker, most famously credited for popularising the platform shoe with his rainbow-soled design. However, at its core the brand is synonymous with producing effortlessly confident pieces making all their customers feel like superstars.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the pre-fall collection had a lot of self-referential pieces. However instead of simply reinvigorating pieces from the last few years, Davis has returned to the original Salvatore Ferragamo designs. We saw reinventions of the 1947 invisible sandal, recognised work with silk and inspiration from Salvatore’s costume work for 1923 silent movie The Covered Wagon with full denim jumpsuits to cowboy hats and of course, boots.

Moving forward, what can we expect from Davis? SS23 was very modern, Pre-Fall 23 is more reminiscence. Davis is a young and relatively nascent designer so there isn’t a wealth of references to base predictions on. That being said, sensuality and modern tailoring are clear themes in his own brand’s designs and key motifs we’ve already seen so far in his two Ferragamo collections. These are also a key reason why Ferragamo’s CEO called him “one of the most brilliant talents of his generation.” 

It will be interesting to see if he brings other key themes from his label Maximilian, such as black liberation and family trips to Trinidad, to Ferragamo. “England is where I was born and where I grew up, but it’s not what made me who I am today. It’s not my culture. My identity is Trinidadian-Jamaican. Never forget where you started,”. Whatever he chooses to do next, we’re all excited for what pairing his unique point of view with the opportunity to work with high quality craftsmanship and innovation will produce. One thing’s for sure, we haven’t seen all that Davis has to offer, but we’re guaranteed something exceptional.

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