Why Everyone Needs To Attend [@thelisteningparty]

Why Everyone Needs To Attend [@thelisteningparty]

Article by Shannie Mears

So imagine 90’s throwback and the 2000’s, and we’re talking real old school stuff like Mario and Ginuwine. It’s funny because if you’re a 90’s baby you know that these tunes, not only were they the bangers, but the likelihood is that you could associate it to a time and place when you first heard it and recall what the ‘sitch’ was at the time.

That’s the kind of Nostalgia The Listening Party brought us, on 30th January 2019. The Listening Party was established- a night of good vibes and album play back so to kick off for the debut it was Usher – Confessions. It was held at The Looking Glass in Hackney and it was the perfect spot for the first one. There were bespoke drinks like ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Seduction’ and that’s how you know there was no playing games.

As you skimmed around the room you had music lovers on all different levels, your extroverts who wasted no time and headed straight to dance-floor knowing word for word all the major throwbacks BEFORE they started the album play, then there were your more reserved peeps who made sure they copped their seat before the place got a bit heated (everyone knows those people), and lastly we had your bar and wall leaners who just got their drink and made a real nice spot for themselves on the wall (wherever that was) with a calm drink in their hand.

Of course there was more, but if we are talking the majority you would fit into at least one of those categories. We know that London has a pretty good scene when it comes to music but you don’t always get the opportunity to listen to the tunes that remind you of your best and worst days, which is why everyone needs to attend The Listening Party with their day ones, so they can sing to the top of their lungs and give each other that look like ‘yeah you remember this tune?’.

Shout out to the team!

The Listening Party is a monthly thing so be sure to follow them on Instagram @thelisteningparty to stay up to date with what they got up their sleeves next time. 

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