What’s Behind The Inimitable Energy of [@INFAMOUSIZAK]’s Music?

What’s Behind The Inimitable Energy of [@INFAMOUSIZAK]’s Music?

INFAMOUSIZAK knows no boundaries. With his freewheeling raps that ricochet from genre to genre – he reminds us of the definition of ‘steez‘, whilst simultaneously narrating tender tales of his nearest and dearest.

What makes the South Londoner’s music so appealing you ask? A host of factors: From the elements of schoolboy nostalgia ‘Learnt this from my brothers, not at school / playgrounds where I spent most of my days, like f*ck the rules’; to the unabated energy and vitality he carries each bar with. IZAK creates music which could effortlessly become the song of the moment. 

“Keeping it outside the box is essential,” says IZAK as we settle into our conversation. And when you look back on his catalogue this mentality is exhibited through every release. Whether that’s ‘Bad & Clean” with Frisco, a playful tune with a sticky hook that nests itself between your everyday thoughts; or even ‘PUBLIC ENEMY’ a chant for harmony and peace in the turbulence of navigating the relationships around you; or ‘PERSONAL USE’ an idyllic anthem for those summer nights in desperate need of a theme song. 

His most recent single ‘BADDA’ featuring the iconic Notting Hill artist Shakka encompasses just about everything described above. It’s an instant summer banger laid over a trap-infused beat, and as always, IZAK’s self-produced tracks match his lyrical vitality in a euphonious manner. A form of creativity which comes with ease, “I even make beats on the train. I feel like you can be creative in any environment…” he adds, “I also like getting a feel for working in the industry and working with other people through collaboration – I think it’s important for creativity. I can be flexible in that sense”

“Within music, your goals are always changing,” he tells us with a sense of sagacity. When asked about what he feels is the best representation of his musicality at this moment, he explains, “I feel like when I do put out a body of work that’s long enough for me to showcase what those sounds are exactly – that’s when you’ll be able to appreciate my full representation as an artist”.

When we got onto the subject of other forms of creative expression he alluded to his appreciation of films. After digging a bit deeper into this I asked what genre of film he would like to make a score for and he stated it would have to be a villain origin story directed by the eccentric and unique Wes Anderson; a supreme combo if there ever was one. 


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