What Went Down @ SBTV X DR. MARTENS BOOTROOM Sessions

What Went Down @ SBTV X DR. MARTENS BOOTROOM Sessions

Celebrating Creative Resilience with Emerging Talent

In a world where creative industries are saturated with talent, the journey to success is often marked by soul-searching, hustling, and sacrifices. To pay homage to the spirit of resilience and creativity that drives emerging artists, Dr. Martens, the iconic British footwear brand, teamed up with SBTV. The campaign celebrates the strength and determination that artists embody as they pave their way in the world. The event, held at the recently relaunched Dr. Martens Boot Room in Camden on Tuesday, 10th October, brought this concept to life.

The heart of the event was the celebration of creative resilience through the art of music, a carefully curated campaign by Dr. Martens and SBTV to symbolise the spirit of the ‘Made Strong’ campaign.  The collaboration represents the shared ambition of Dr. Martens and SBTV to be a driving force in championing emerging British talent, carrying on the legacy of SBTV’s trailblazing founder Jamal Edwards MBE. In an industry overflowing with gifted individuals, it’s now tougher than ever to make your mark. Success is reserved for those who dig deep, unleashing their inner determination to navigate the challenges ahead. Every triumphant moment and chart-topping track has a backstory of soul-searching, relentless grind, and personal sacrifices.

Deyaz: The Multi-Hyphenate Maverick

Deyaz, a multi-hyphenate artist, was one of the chosen talents. Having released his debut mixtape in 2022, Deyaz is already making waves in the industry. What sets him apart is his genre-blending approach that defies traditional labels. With a background in rock and punk and a scholarship at London’s esteemed Guildhall music school, Deyaz’s journey from self-education to studio engineering has been remarkable. His versatility in production and sound design sets him apart as a genre-blending talent to watch. He’s garnered support from major publications, including The Fader, The Guardian, and the highly respected Rolling Stone.

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BERWYN: The Authentic Storyteller

2022 was a transformative year for BERWYN, a Trinidad-born, Romford-raised artist who channels raw and authentic experiences of London life into his music. He achieved widespread acclaim with a top-three finish in the BBC’s ‘Sound Of’ poll, a Mercury Prize shortlist, MOBO nominations, and an NME Award. BERWYN’s music, inspired by his time in Trinidad, provides a distinct counterpoint to the grit of his acclaimed debut mixtapes. He’s known for telling stories through his music, making him one of the best storytellers in the world today.

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Amaria BB: The Unique Voice of a Generation

Amaria Braithwaite, known as Amaria BB, defies expectations and labels. Her talent is palpable in her dancehall-leaning R&B that’s brilliantly written and beautifully sung. Her debut single, “Slow Motion,” offers an intimate insight into her perspective on love, life, sex, and friendship, drawing on her R&B influences and Jamaican heritage. Her ability to harness the power of social media, with over 500K creations and 1 million likes on TikTok, underscores her ability to connect with her audience. With millions of global streams, Amaria BB is a rising star in the music industry.

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To further underline the importance of creative resilience, a panel talk was an integral part of the event. Hosted by Ayishat Akanbi, the panel featured Amaria BB, Berwyn, and the creative duo Meeks + Frost, who are known for their visual storytelling and direction in the music industry. The discussion revolved around the challenges artists face in the ever-evolving landscape of creativity, emphasising the importance of staying true to oneself and maintaining resilience throughout the creative journey.

The Dr. Martens x SBTV Boot Room Sessions event not only celebrated music but also celebrated the strength, creativity, and resilience of emerging talents. It was a night that marked the intersection of art, strength, and resilience, creating a platform for these promising artists to shine and inspire others to follow their creative journeys.