Fousheé is a force of nature. The duality of her hushed, delicate vocals and the rockstar instrumentation in her music and live performance is truly not to be missed. Her Village Underground show demonstrated her range, having the crowd head-banging during some parts of her show and swaying and singing softly during others.

Opening up the night we had an eclectic selector, Melly who was DJing at the back of the venue and had a crowd forming around the booth that were dancing to her set.

Our Top Moments From The Show:

Her fiesty entrance with opener, ‘simmer down’

Running on stage in leather pants, a fur coat and a black baby tee that spelled ‘PORNSTAR’ in rhinestones, Fousheé makes it clear from the get-go that she is truly a rockstar. ‘simmer down’ has that rock and roll in a classic film type of vibe, making it the perfect opener as she moves free spiritedly shaking her Afro and jumping up and down.

Banging a cowbell during ‘scream my name’

Strobe lights dance while the main lighting covers Fousheé in red. Right before the bridge she pulls out a cowbell and starts vigourously tapping it with a drumstick as she jumps up and down the stage, adding texture to the live band behind her.

When she plays a new, unreleased track

Before she gives us an exclusive, she tells us how she’s currently in love and how it’s helped her start writing love songs again. The drums are rhythmic and heavy, the acoustic guitar is sweet and melodic as her soft vocals float over the top. The new song seems to contain a sample of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’, which pulls the focus to Fousheé’s vocals that truly sound like the whispers of an angel.

The crowd singing along to ‘sing about love

The most beautiful moment of the show is when Fousheé and the crowd harmonise on ‘sing about love’. The audience sounds like a choir as Fousheé navigates them with her honeyed, gentle vocals that evoke peace and comfort. “I can finally sing about love again” they sing, melting into the slow acoustic guitar.

The vocalisations on ‘single af’

Hitting some intense yet still angelic high notes on ‘single af’, Fousheé had the crowd in awe. The la-la-la’s made me feel like I was floating. Her vocals are sweet and airy, sure to take you to another world when you hear them live – purely magical.

Her seamless transition from ‘spend the money’ into ‘deep end’

Coming in all guns blazing for ‘spend the money’ , the energy in the room is at an all-time high. When the song reaches Lil Uzi Vert’s verse, you can hear a smidge of autotune has been added to her vocals that mirror Lil Uzi Vert’s trap style. This kicks things up a notch and creates an electric atmosphere with which she takes the opportunity to start belting ‘deep end’ from the pre-chorus, breathing new life and rockstar flair into the eerily ethereal original version.

Pure chaos on ‘stupid bitch’

The peak of the grunge side of her performance is undoubtedly ‘stupid bitch’. As the band build up suspense, amidst the lyrics Fousheé lets out a scream that runs through her body as she tilts her head back. The band truly made it feel like a heavy metal show, playing their instruments furiously and rocking their heads back and fourth. After the song ends she briefly chats to a couple of her adoring fans who encourage her to “Go girl! Get into it or whatever!” and she then lovingly expresses her gratitude.

Steve Lacy’s surprise appearance

Towards the end of her lush performance of ‘candy grapes’, she mentions how she doesn’t feel the same without Steve performing that song with her. Seemingly down she asks to move on to the next song, and as her guitarist plays the chords of ‘Sunshine’ she smiles brightly as Steve Lacy emerges with magnetic charisma and the smooth, rugged vocals he’s known for. Afterwards, he picked her up and spun her around – you could just tell he was so proud of her and her artistry – it was a wholesome moment to end the show on.


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