After the release of Smino’s Luv 4 Rent, he embarked on the Louphoria tour with Jordan Ward, both of whom hail from St. Louis – hence the name of the tour. On a stage decorated with grass, plants and glowing, blow up mushrooms and a live band, it was a hell of a night to remember.

Here’s 10 times the Louphoria tour gave us euphoria:

Jordan Ward’s support set

Fellow St. Louis native, Jordan Ward kicked off the concert with a bang. Bursting at the seams with energy,  he performed tracks off of his latest album FORWARD such as ‘IDC’ and ‘WHITE CROCS’, dancing the night away. 

His entrance to ‘KLINK’

The falsetto vocals on KLINK sent tingles through my body – it was that euphoric hearing the song as he started the show. He bounced across the stage, dripped down in confidence and Off White goggles.

The crowd knowing every word on ‘Z4L’

Bouncing to that Monte Booker beat, Smino didn’t even have to rap the first part, the crowd already knew the lyrics and were singing along at maximum volume. When he did get to rapping, the electric guitar danced underneath his playful cadence. It was evidently a crowd fave.

The way he bounced on stage for ‘Flea Flicka’

Spitting at the speed of light, he starts ‘Flea Flicka’ off at the second verse. Him and his band are in sync as Smino would rap a couple bars and take a step as his band would play a string of singular beats, this later turned into a boogie – it was truly spectacular.

Photography by Kat Friar

Suspense building on ‘Matinee’

Smino seamlessly spits the first couple bars before the band’s even fully started, he jumped as they began to hit the beats one by one to build suspense. Light’s flashed when the song was at its peak and Smino showed off his vocals – the smoothness carries through from his rapping to his singing.

The nostalgia that ‘Wild Irish Roses’ evoked

The first couple of chords on this song had the crowd going nuts as Smino vocalised over the top of it. This song was definitely a lot of people’s introduction to Smino and evoked a special kind of nostalgia. He delivered the bars with energy and sang the sweetest of notes.

The electric guitar solo on ‘Louphoria’

The mellow of the production on this track was amplified by the live band as Smino softly crept in on top of it. His guitarist hit the most electrifying guitar solo I’ve ever witnessed, he was kneeling and everything, Smino concluded the track yelling “London!!!” with the energy in the room at an all time high after that legendary guitar solo.

Photography by Kat Friar

His shoutout to Monte Booker before ‘Anita

Smino got everyone in the crowd to say “We love you Monte!” and later said that he “…wouldn’t be nothing without him, for real.” Monte was also in the building so it was a nice way to kick off this song which had the crowd vibing as Smino had the crowd rocking from side to side.

The jazz renditioned intro on ‘Pro Freak

The intro of ‘Pro Freak’ took a different shape when Smino brought it to the stage as he gracefully sang over magical bass and soft-yet-powerful drums. Before you knew it, the upbeat tempo of the track crept back and the performance was at full throttle.

His final song ‘Amphetamine

‘Amphetamine’ felt like a soft lullaby of a goodbye. The beat drifted throughout the venue as the crowd swayed their hands and Smino’s velvety voice vibrated through the mic.

Photography by Kat Friar

Smino’s not afraid to move on stage, he enjoys having a boogie while he spits in his fun, intricate flow. Combined with the live band and nature-like set design, he definitely gave his fans his best show in London to date.

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