Wave Women UK is Inspiring Black People to Surf

Wave Women UK is Inspiring Black People to Surf

Media and adverts have ingrained into popular imagination that only skinny White people surf. However, Diana Cardwell notes in a New York Times article that there is a growing community of Black surfers because “surfing with other Black people can foster a profound sense of healing.” 

Therefore, filmmaker Bola Adeoshun and director Lolly created the short documentary Wave Women UK to encourage more of the British Black diaspora to surf. Supported by surf and aquatic brands and Surfing England, the film redefines the popular perception of Black communities’ relationship with the ocean. 

The film follows four women, Annie, Gifty, Lisa, and Maryam, as they learn how to surf. With no prior experience, the women face a steep learning curve, but along the way, they gain confidence, befriend the local instructors, and fall in love with the sport. High off their victory, the women are determined to share their passion for the ocean and encourage their communities in London to join the fun. 

The film premieres on September 9th for a private audience at The Wave Bristol. And following the film’s spirit, the creators are offering a beginner surf lesson for the audience to truly immerse themselves in the joy of the sport. 

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