Travel Back To 1970 Miss World & Witness Feminist History in New Movie “Misbehavior”.

On the evening of Miss World 1970, 100 million people gathered to watch the most-viewed TV show on the planet, at the time. The Miss World pageant show would be welcoming young women from all over the world, to compete for the Miss World crown. At the time, a newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement organised to invade the stage in protest of sexism in pageantry. 

Whilst Jennifer Hosten, representing Grenada, made history by being the first black woman to ever win the Miss World Pageant. Following South Africa in the height of apartheid, who even sent two contestants to represent their country. 

Jansen – a black woman – competed as Miss Africa South. Whilst Jillian Jessup – a white woman – competed as Miss South Africa. But it was Jansen – Miss Africa South – who would be announced as runner-up.  

This defining moment in feminist & black history is the subject of the award-winning director Philippa Lowthorpe. The star-studded cast includes Kiera Knightly, Jessie Buckle, Gugu Mbathta-Raw, Lesley Manville and Greg Kinner. 

Go back in time and take an inside look into one of the most iconic moments in pageant history!

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