The Ultimate Festive Season Shopping Guide

The Ultimate Festive Season Shopping Guide

Mariah Carey is brushing off her vocals. Spooky season is done and dusted. The clocks have gone back. Yep, it’s officially the festive season. So before the plethora of Christmas parties, those days between christmas and new years where time seems to stop and the weird post snow sludge arrives, here is the ultimate festive season shopping guide.

Sequins Are Forever

Regardless of who you are and what you do, you’re likely to be invited to some sort of party this festive season. From casual drinks with colleagues, a formal dinner and dance or secret santa get together with friends, this season is the perfect reason to play around with some sequins. With metallics trending this season, it works perfectly with the festive theme. So whether you spruce up a go to outfit with some glitter earrings, opt for a brooch to add some glitz but keep it corporate or go full head to toe sequins, remember that fashion should be fun especially in this party season. Plus, there’s no time like the present to sort out your NYE outfit!

Looking All Christmas Gift Wrapped

Bows have been a regular theme for a while. Mainly associated with the youth and nostalgia led resurgence of Y2K inspired runways alongwith anime and kawaii style fashion becoming mainstream. Bows also pair perfectly with other recent trends such as the recent spike in all things oversized and inflated. There is no better time to have fun with this trend than during the gift giving season. The gift of life, the gift of love or even just the gift of you, have fun with this motif in all its forms.

Glam Up For The Season

The festive season is the time when everyone makes that little bit of extra effort with their makeup. A monochromatic black and neutral outfit is easily injected with festive cheer thanks to a shimmery eye lid or bold Christmassy red lip. Slight additions to your makeup kit take a lot less commitment than a piece of clothing. Some tips for you;

For the blush lovers, maybe you’ll opt for slightly more red shades, or add some blush to your nose for that winter breeze kissed look.

For the eyeshadow lovers, you can play around with green, reds and frosty blues to match the colour palette of the season. 

If you’re opting for a bold lip and want it to last while you eat and drink yourself under the table, apply lip liner all over the lips before topping with a matching lipstick for extra staying power. 

Hiding From The Chill

While there are a lot of events and parties in the colder months, the cold (and often rainy) weather is also the best reason to stay home and recuperate after a busy summer. You might have had fun dyeing your hair all summer, or now that it’s winter your skin and hair might be suffering in the frosty winds. Taking time to stay cosy inside and do some TLC is exactly what the doctor ordered at this time of year. So here are some ways to nurse your hair and skin back to help while you stay indoors and avoid the winter sniffles.

Under The Christmas Tree

Tis’ the season of giving and that means shopping for other people. Whether it’s your significant other or your secret santa at work, giving a bad gift is the worst! Plus, it’s hard enough trying to figure out what you want for Christmas. So, here are some classic gift ideas to take the guesswork out. Use them for yourself or as ideas for others, for guaranteed satisfaction.