THE PRISM OF A BLACK MALE: UPCOMING FILM  EXHIBITION explores the Nuanced Lives of Black Men

The Crossing Chicken Films and The Prism of a Black Male are proud to present The Prism of a Black Male: the Exhibition, a half-day experimental exhibition that harnesses film as a medium to create a safe and inclusive space for delving into the nuanced and complex challenges that black men encounter—taking place 13th of May, from 2 PM hosted at the Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London, E1 4UJ.

The Prism of a Black Male Exhibition (POBM) will showcase Chimaobim Nathan’s threefold directorial debut, You’re Annoying, A Promise Made, and Whenever You’re Ready. Nathan fearlessly delves into the themes of masculinity, love, suicide, regret, grief, male sexual abuse, and more.

POBM will offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in black men’s powerful creativity and visionary storytelling. The event will bring together a diverse audience interested in the exploration of making space for black men’s bucking against the ideology of black men as a monolith.

Attendees can expect an art exhibit, engaging creative play workshops, and poetry from the day.

Mica Montana, a researcher, well-being practitioner, workshop facilitator writer, and poet, will facilitate the workshop. With a passion for creating systems of care and safe spaces, Mica has extensive experience facilitating sessions, from using creative writing as a tool for well-being to helping the black community understand and manage anger.

Additionally, there will be compelling discussions with a panel comprising influential community members, including Samuel Eni, MOBO-nominated radio presenter. Eni appeared on the BET show “Dating While Black” and captivated the audience with his raw and courageous story. He was able to depict the importance of power, vulnerability, and sacrifice. He embodies the benefits of creating honest and authentic spaces for men to discuss with openness and vulnerability.

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