The Gucci Cosmos Epic Immersive Exhibition Arrives In London

Positioned in the heart of West London, a city intrinsically tied to the heritage of the iconic House of Gucci, 180 Studios presents Gucci Cosmos; a remarkable immersive exhibition currently open until the 31st December 2023. 

Having premiered in Shanghai in April, this spectacular cutting-edge exhibition showcases and revives all of the House’s most iconic designs from over the years, marking its 102-year history with nostalgia and avant-garde expressions.

Maria Luisa Frisa: Gucci Cosmos, a project in the form of an exhibition inaugurated in Shanghai and now located in London, was an extraordinary opportunity for me to traverse the universe of Gucci through an ever-different lens. I was able to tell its story through the clothes, objects, elements, people, and contexts that made this brand iconic and a trailblazer within fashion and collective visual culture for over a century.

Es Devlin: As a creative endeavor and expression of the times, the House and its history over the past century can be mapped through an ability to evolve and, more broadly, to expand on the mutability of our consciousness and ability to make cognitive shifts. Rather like a garment itself that can be changed and re-tailored, like a shed skin that constantly renews itself. For the exhibition’s iteration in London, I wanted to draw on the city’s pivotal role in the House’s origin myth in which a young Guccio Gucci rode up and down the red lacquered ‘Ascending Room’ at The Savoy where his interactions with guests and their exquisite luggage would go on to forge his future.

The itinerant global exhibition first arrived in London in October, bringing its creative and immersive experience to 180 Studios at 180 The Strand. In Celebration of the House’s deep ties to the UK’s capital, Gucci Cosmos transports visitors on a sublime voyage throughout time whilst exploring the house’s history and Florentine roots. 

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