The Grubworks Supperclub Experience – More than just delicious food

The Grubworks Supperclub Experience – More than just delicious food

We had the very special pleasure of being invited to The Grubworks Supperclub experience for an evening of delicious food, warm company and full-feeling conversation, hosted at ex-members club turned community space, Kindred in Hammersmith.

Photo by @zeroshub
Photo by @zeroshub

Tickets went extremely fast so I felt it my responsibility to write this short review to help exacerbate any feelings of jealousy or FOMO that you might have felt x Enjoy!

Before we get into the absolutely mouth-watering foodie pics, let’s start off with the free drinks reception sponsored by Bumbu. Now I do love a rum-based drink, so all of them were pretty much my favourites, but you see that Bumbu Cream on the Rocks? Wow, we need an ice cream version, STAT! That drink right there tastes like the pastures of Milk and Honey that spiritual books be talking about. Absolutely fantastic

Now to the food!

Course 1

Freshly baked pocketless Pittas (Ve) with Butter Bean Hummus and Pimento Chilli Crisp Oil; and Aubergine and Confit Garlic Dip

Guys. That hummus was to die for. Wow, so rich and smokey, perfectly balanced by the Aubergine Dip!

Also you see that bread yeah? Count how many pieces of bread are in that basket. I was dead in the middle between two baskets. Now ask me how many I had? Hm, fantastic. Honestly, a special shout out to my table mates who allowed me to indulge myself. Some of them were going on about wanting to make sure they created space, but me? I knew there was a recession coming so I had to make sure I stocked up my belly for these cold winter nights.

Course 2

Plantain and curry goat croquettes with a charred scotch bonnet and confit garlic sauce, with a curried ackee option for vegans.

Another fantastic starter. We were all given three each, and yet I managed to secure three more much to the jealousy and outrage of my neighbors at the table. Did I share? Yes, yes I did. Why you ask? Because it was just too good not to! (Also they shared the bread earlier with me and I didn’t want them to spit in my drink when I left the table, haha jk, they were nice, they wouldn’t do that)

Right now as I sit in the office typing away, I can literally imagine myself eating three more, unforgettable mate.

Photo by @zeroshub

Course 3

Peppered beef cheek served on a bed of sauteed spring greens, herby polenta and topped with a sweet chilli plantain crumb.

I’ve never had beef cheek in my life, but I’m absolutely converted. Genuinely speaking I’ve never had a more tender, juicy, and rich cut of beef. It was at this point in the evening that I had to undo my trouser buttons and just submit to the impending food coma.

Photo by @zeroshub

Course 4

Coconut and lime sorbet

So simple, yet soooooo sweet. Just when I thought the itus was going to win, this absolutely gorgeous white scoop of delight landed on my table and the flavours? Wow, this must be what cocaine feels like because I was immediately resurrected and ready to tackle the dinner table once again.

The taste of the coconut was so warm and comforting, coupled with the magical little green hints of lime. An absolute winner for me.

Course 5

Ginger sticky toffee pudding with a burnt honey and Bumbu Rum Ice Cream

It was as if my prayers had been answered. The Bumbu Cream drink as an Ice Cream coupled with what I can only describe as an elite, benz pun- sticky toffee pudding. The burnt honey outer shell was teasingly magical, protecting an inner layer of soft, spongey warmth. Wow, my mouth is watering all over again guys and it’s at this point I will have to stop my review

Once again thank you to The Grub Works Kitchen and Tallawah for putting on such an amazing event. If you missed out? Be faster next time!

Lool JK, but no, make sure you sign up to pre-order the upcoming FLAYVAFUL cook book so at least if you miss out on the next supper club you can still enjoy Nathan’s gorgeous cooking from the comfort of your own home!